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SgtBop's User Page


Leader of: Maris Viridis
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Abbrev: MV
Leader: Me!
Members: Five
Goals: Kill people... and have a blast while doin' it.
SgtBop has killed 53 people.

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This user is a PKer and is probably off killing some poor defenseless survivor.
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SgtBop avidly reads Zeffy's Journal

An Introduction

Killing people isn't new to SgtBop, well at least not anymore. He used to kill zombies, but they really didn't do much. Now, when he gets people, they want revenge and hire bounty hunters. A bit more fun, if I do say so myself.

And I'm in a contest right now. Yup. Killing and competing.

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He's even wanted by the DEM. Click here to see it.


This list is up to date as of 02:46, 13 July 2007 (BST)

  1. Constantine LaVey
  2. Hope Bastion
  3. Tigertoddtk
  4. Krigell
  5. Gary Miller
  6. y2k95
  7. Revan Yeager
  8. DarkTreader
  9. Amazing Triangle
  10. Dixienixon
  11. Simeadrach
  12. Misery
  14. Hwarang666
  15. Happy Jones
  16. Veros
  17. max13
  18. Doctor Trent
  19. twincam
  20. Daer Lath
  21. armyok
  22. buahaha
  23. Cow of Pain
  24. Doctor Hyde87
  25. work555
  26. ArgentTheReefer
  27. Kristoff
  28. kill me bitches
  29. ZoogyBoogydoo
  30. Paris Hilton
  31. lkjhgfdsaqwertyuiiop
  32. Arron Stevenson
  33. Rhuster
  34. xDarkstalkerx
  35. slugger1
  36. Darrage
  37. Akett
  38. Menohl
  39. Finnius Riley
  40. Vain Lockery
  41. Mr Jem
  42. Purple Lemon
  43. Andrew Payne
  44. DragonsGirl
  45. Kylethe Bounty Hunter
  46. Ben Jenkins
  47. Navyman2
  48. Bornum Siphilates
  49. taskforce58
  50. Gunnery
  51. Finnius Riley
  52. Mister Black
  53. Zor'Kak
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