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I've decided to use this page to record what I see and do, all text below will be in character and may not be my actual views on subjects.


06/20/07 My team was just chosen to assist an assaulted mall in Havercroft, the preparations should be done before July... Oh dear god why did I join the army...

06/27/07 We had a last minute replacement in our roster and must wait till the 29th to leave Vandenberg, my good friend Johnson was replaced by some civvie from Necrotech, bloody bureaucrats... Ill be watching this asshole... He looks suspicions...

06/28/07 We depart from Vandenberg air force base today, assuming we manage to get in the air without mr Necrotech stabbing us all in the back we should be there before next month.

06/29/07 I thought they were joking when they said "Zombies"... The place is loaded with em! We can't even find a place to land that won't result in us being torn limb from limb, worse yet, that slag from necrotech keeps babbling about how amazing this is, I bet it's all his fault...

07/30/07 Dear god this is terrible... We landed in a field close to Ackland mall and they swarmed us, Frank and Tony got hit, Frank worse. I don't know if he'll make it through the night.

07/01/07 I had enough with that Necrotech bastard, I put a round through his head and tossed him off the chopper. My comrades didn't seem to side with me however, as I was forced off at gunpoint and stripped of all my weapons and equipment exept for my lucky binoculars and this journal. Bastards... Never liked em anyway.

07/02/07 I seem to have ended up in lukinswood, I used to have family here till that fire back in 89'. I tryed to get some equipment out of the local police station but some of those horrible... THINGS, broke in. So I had to sleep in a filthy auto repair center, now that I think of it I should disguise my self. I don't know how the other survivors might take to a black ops.

07/03/07 Managed to disguise myself as an auto worker, I even spilled oil over my new clothes to make it convincing, I am such a genius... Now I am in Havercroft though, I got mixed up and headed off in the wrong direction. Now I REALLY gotta get out of here.

07/04/07 Zombies... Everywhere... And I don't have a single weapon to my name, it's like guns stopped existing. Why oh why couldn't this of happened in LA? I would be SWIMMING in weapons then.

07/05/07 Oh yes... OH YES!! I found a shotgun! Two in fact, next zombie I see gets a brain full of buckshot. As a plus, I managed to escape Havercroft. Now i'm in East Becktown, looks bad, but not as bad as Havercroft.

07/06/07 I'm gonna stay in this police station for a while, It has more supplys then the other one I searched. So far I have managed to gather a fair amount of tools to help me...

2x Shotguns 3x Portable radios (In case one breaks) 1x Flare gun 2x Flares 5x 45. Pistol clips 6x 12g Shotgun shells 1x Medkit 1x Flak Jacket (Never know when you might get shot...) And a book of indeterminate origin, It has some useful articles on weapons care and construction though.