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Welcome to my page fellow Urban Dead Wiki users!

Notable Contributions

Dark Angels of Hells Gate (2009 - 2015)


Character Count: 2


Class: Military
Former Job: Professional Scouter for Homeland Security
Current Role: Sell Sword

Age: 36
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 250 lb.
Build: Overweight with an Muscular Upper-Body

Prior to the outbreak, Sohisohi (an American) scouted potential talent for the newly founded Department of Homeland Security. He received seniority late 2004 and was now tasked with establishing both foreign & civilian contacts. This work eventually brought him to Malton just before the outbreak. He still remembers the panic in the streets as man and ghoul alike were being slaughtered. In the chaos, Sohisohi got himself bitten by one of the infected. He stumbled into the nearest hospital as the undead literally poured out into a flood of people trying to get in for help. With shear luck, he found his way to a doctor about to barricade one of the rooms. The Doctor injects him with a syringe, Sohisohi looked at the NecroTech logo as he passed into a coma which he did not wake from approximately 2 years later on October 6th 2007.

Sohisohi spends another ~2 years trying to survive while getting a lay of the land.

On September 27th 2009 Sohisohi officially founded the Dark Angels of Hells Gate which he lead until it was disbanded on April 16th 2015.

Currently, Sohisohi is preparing to create (or maybe join) another group.


Originally created for my (irl) brother so we could game together. He no longer cares for this game, so this character pretty much acts as a zerg account now. Other than giving me meta-information on the habits and ongoing elsewhere in Malton, I try to keep this character away from my main. Currently I'm using this character to teach myself one of the zombie languages. This character is a former member of the Autobots and Dark Angels of Hells Gate.

Of Note: Aided the Autobots in there war against the Decepticons.