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Nickname: Al


Other Info: Not much to say, if I'm in your general area (or maybe one suburb away) and need some help, I'm willing to lend a hand. I tend to go off on my own, but if you need a gun for hire (as in a bodyguard, medic, or a mercenary (working for free of course)) I'll probably be able to help you out.

Current Location
Darvall Heights

Objective(s)/To Do List:

Joined: 2007-06-18
Character class: Medic
Favorite equipment: Knife,Shotty the shotgun,and Flareguns (for attracting unwanted attention!)
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: Channel 4 News Team
Character stats: MAXED OUT
Journal: "Look Below" for Someguy5031
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This user or group entered Glorious Battle beside the Channel 4 News Team. There were horses and a man on fire and this user or group killed a guy with a trident. Afterward, we could barely lift our arms because we killed so many zombies. I don't know if you heard us counting. We killed over 1,000.
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Someguy5031 thinks that Malton is somewhere in Texas, since malls have gun stores and all....
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Someguy really, really likes cheese.
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I have no clue what I'm doing.

Survival Log

January 27,2009
Missed the Boat

Waking up near the quarantine border I got up to my feet with my head buzzing and covered head to toe in blood. After managing to get to a hospital and patching up, I found out later I missed my opportunity to help with the recapturing of the forts. I felt upset, but I guess a win is a win. Now I just need to get this blood off my clothes.

December 23, 2009
Knocked Back

With Buckley Mall destroyed I moved towards Spicer Hills for refuge. Things seem grim over here. I'll probably have to sneak past enemy lines in all. The NetroTech building I was located at got smashed in by a few zeds. Took out one of them and tried to provide aid. Now I'm out of ammo entirely and can't think of much I can do.

December 15, 2009
An Old Acquaintance

I've made it Buckley Mall, and I've been stocking up on ammo and supplies here and there. Scouting reports show that zombies nearby have begun to demolish buildings within the neighborhood. I have received a few radio transmissions about some individuals attempting to fight for Perryn. As I walked to an abandoned NecroTech station I ran into "The Mincing Dandy" which I saw as blacklisted on my records. After disposing of him I returned to the mall to stock up on ammo. I'll either have to defend the mall or retake the NT sooner or later.

December 12, 2009
Walking To the Battlefield

Alright, for my first plan of action since my vacation I'll attempt to help the survivors capture Fort Perryn, Or at least help the survivors push more along the southern region of Malton. Today I'm heading over to Buckley Mall and I'll see if I can organize with a group from there. Chances are I'll be fighting in West Grayside up to the north, they're having some issues with Pole Mall so I figure I could be of some use.

December 10, 2009
Awoken Slumber

It's been about a little less than a year since I've written on this diary, and yet I don't feel I have much to say about my accomplishments. I've been zombified up to this point in time, and I can barely recall what I did: Cannibalize on some humans, roam around aimlessly, attempt to scribble in my book. After cleaning up god knows whatever my undead self did to my journal, I decided to write in my log for old times sake. Since awakening it feels like I've come back to an entirely different world. It's the same apocalypse but things have changed... Old friends have gone missing as well as old enemies, the shift in power has changed all across the Malton suburbs, and things in general seem out of place. I'm sure I'll get adjusted in no time, if I'm still here up to now I can handle a few changes.

April 14, 2008


April 5, 2008

I made it to Dulston that fateful December and remained there for quite some time. Completing short runs and eventually running into the Ghetto Cow squad for a reunion, I grew weary and rested at the mall and made it my home for a long time, After several months of peace which I found within Dulston, it was only a matter of time till the zombies would manage to completely overrun the area. When that massive horde arrive to tear down our sanctuary I fled seeing as we were vastly outnumbered from all sides. Walking through Malton I could see nothing but destruction, buildings upon buildings completely ravaged by the horde. After walking all the way nearly through all of the city I took refuge in a local mall, but there is currently a large scale battle going on and i wonder if I'll manage to walk out of this alive.

Dec 14, 2007<BR.> Wanderer

Being tired of hanging around with my group, I decided to go out on my own and see the rest of the large city. I stopped by Fort Creedy First to get supplies and meet up with Ruffino. After waiting 3 days, being driven mad by the constant radio signals, I left on my own to Dulston as it seemed like a nice enough place. After walking half way there I ran into the undead corpse of IronMikeTyson who happened to be on my "Death List". Whether it had been me he killed or one of my comrades I didn't hesitate to ask and blew him to pieces. Of course I was worn out after the weary battle and am making refuge at a Safe-House nearby. Hopefully I shall make it Dulston sometime in the next few days.

Dec 6, 2007

Orders were given out to head to the local NT in East Grayside, as the 2nd Big Bash would be attacking soon. On my 3rd day over there I was running low on supplies, and the locals were fed up with my overusing the syringes. So I decided to head to the mall to stock up on various items. Carrying several health packs and buckets of ammo I returned a few days afterwards only to find that all my comrades had been brutally murdered. Exhausted from the long walk and shocked by the terrible defeat I fell asleep inside one of the many ruined buildings, leaving the doors open so the zombies wouldn't suspect a thing. When I woke up the next day I received a phone call from my friend Ruffino, who was shocked to hear about the giant zombie uprising. I Headed to West Grayside once again till I could get in contact with my allies.

Nov 12, 2007
Welcome to Scarletwood: Please pardon our progress

So after more than a month of working around Scarletwood we have made significant process as the break in rates are pretty much down due to survivor effort now, we'll be heading to Fort Perryn soon. Secondly the breaking news came in the Ron Burgundy has ventured back once again into the city of Malton (hurray! the rapture!). As such Odin's influence has been showing around Malton and supernatural events have been happening. Also Wes Mantooth is in the general area so I'm incredibly worried, I wonder if the evening news team will ever venture into Malton... To add to that the pressure of all this combat/reconstruction is making me have mental issues, I'm afraid I've come down with a case of Narcolepsy passing out into sleep at random interv-- ZzZzzZzzz (My ISP has been screwing up lately due to the wireless network here, so i might be unable to log on at certain times.)

October 06, 2007
I don't feel like titles

Okay! so after a few attempts I have come to the conclusion that in Its current condition Scarletwood is doomed, so I'm forced to pull guerrilla tactics (is that how it's spelled, not gorilla right?)! I'll be hiding out at a close by safe-house retrieving items and then basically pulling hit and runs, we'll see how that works.I've been working with Necrotech to work on a way for me to to speed up my revival process, unfortunately one of the drawbacks is that my zombie form becomes more powerful; more agile and not as easy to keep down. But it'll have to be a sacrifice I have to make, besides I don't intend on dying....again...

September 23, 2007
To Scarletwood!

I walked over to Scarletwood due to Padre Romero's orders, I ran into Tovarisch (however he spells it...) at the local club for a small drink, he told me stories of a grand group at the beginning of the outbreaks and something about afternoon delight and loving was really confusing must've been the scotch. Either way I was admitted into his legendary clan, while we had talked about the great Ron Burgundy in the NMC I was now one step closer, and had joined the greats. Maybe over time we could rebuild our group and pray for the second coming of Ron Burgundy.

September 12, 2007
Alive and well!

So I was gunned down by Wes Mantooth for being a follower of Ron Burgundy, I find it odd (a bit honoring) seeing as I'm small time and he'd take me down for just being associated with such a legend. Either way now that I know what its like to be a zombie for a week (though the bullet wounds have left me slightly amnesic) I'm going to spray paint a revive point nearby and work on learning how to work a syringe. Best of luck to all zombies wishing to get revived near Fort Creedy, cause right now it ain't gonna happen.

September 3, 2007
Err, Akward

Fort Creedy, a little slice of heaven, and the armory is hell's waiting room. The constant spam of the radio, being invaded by Lud Lum, EHB doorways by zed spies, 20 shotguns but no ammo. It's enough to drive a guy mad. But i'm surviving and i guess it could be alot worse. Funny story, i went out to get a breath of fresh air at the gate house and ran into some zombies, I shot one in the head, and when I was about to pull the trigger on the other one, I realized it was just asking to be revived (by its constant mrh'ing). I looked over at the dead body and back at him and basically had a one way conversation (unless you count mrh'ing as speech) about the situation. hope his friend gets better.... well I'm reading up on the symptoms of zombie wounds (Large amounts of blood loss and infected looking bite wounds..who knew!?!?!) and I should be able to apply this to others sometime tommorow, (got alot of studying to do). Best of luck to you all.

August 27, 2007
Return To Fort Creedy

After a long promenade to Creedy and a few days of sleeping all is well, Lud Lum continues to stalk the base killing off people because they keep reviving her (morons). And sadly there are a bunch of sheep here. Everyone is so disorganized and inexperienced... I woke up for a hunting session and when I came back the morning after they barricaded the gate house to naturally i got help of a friend to chop it down to good size. That's 2 hours down the drain. Large crowds were there, and I think it might be able to hold off LUE though I'm not sure. I hope it doesn't take as long as Stickling did... all that tension for nothing is quite depressing. I'll try to get in Contact with Ruffino and see if he can come along...that dude really needs a cell phone. Well this is me signing off.

August 21, 2007
A Parting of ways

After regaining the mall (and my health) and fixing up, it was time for the group to split up. After saying our last goodbyes we split up and went on our own ways. While some headed off to Nichols Mall, I decided to go on my own to Fort Creedy as it is filled with numerous survivors and I can pack up on ammunition. I only hope I can make more allies soon.

August 9, 2007
Battle of Stickling

Well there was some leaked info saying as to when LUE attacked, I advised my comrades but in the end no one payed attention. I woke up according to the time when LUE said they were attacking and sure enough a giant mob headed directly towards the SE position. I went over to see if i could help take any of them down. Lo and behold! My friend Ruffino who i though had moved into another building happened to be in the SE quadrant of the mall! I pulled out my pistol and tried to take them down as they burst through the door but I was overrun, after regaining consciousness at the whippey building me and the crew started to prepare for what is to come. Update: Zombies broke into Whippey, I injured them but since I'm low on ammo I'll hang back until I can come in with my fire axe and retaliate. Update Update: Urgg..i got shot by a player killer, he chased me down...cant outrun him....but, still writing...bleh...*dies*....*dies again*

July 27, 2007

Well after being unconscious for a while I was informed that I got shot in the face twice by an evil man named Quad. Luckily i was revived by a crazy firefighter with gyrating hips (inside joke). finally there seems to be signs of undead (besides me anywho)not to mention lousy thugs. I ran into a friend who's hiding out at the church for a while, I hope no one finds out about his little incident though. now if anyone minds I'll be needing to use this journal to cover my bullet wounds.

Salvador.jpg Ouch!
That's definitely gonna leave a mark!

July 23, 2007

Well the strike got canceled so I decided to go out on a walk, I shot a zombie to near (temporary) death but had to quickly run out at the last minute so I'll be resting up till LUE attacks which it probably wont.

July 22, 2007

Well just waiting here till the strike team is ready to go. After looking for a long time i finally found my shotgun, now i have a use for all those shells. Anywho me and Tosca seem to be getting along or so it seems that way. Ive been charting down a list of all the PK'rs out there, just for survival i guess. Maybe i can be a bounty hunter later on. Who knows... Though i haven't made that decision yet, seeing as it could be quite dangerous and might be considered a PK myself, and that's never good.

July 19, 2007

After a few weary hours I've regained consciousness, and i have a funny taste of human flesh in my mouth..go figure. Anywho I'm getting more supplies and am up to 5 first aid kits. Sooner or later ill go back and help since there's another strike tomorrow. I'll sleep somewhere else besides that building so I don't get mauled like last time because I can't really fight back. Edit: the strike has been postponed till Monday cause someone insisted they needed more ammo so ill be rummaging around through Shearbank for the while.

July 18, 2007
First Aid

I'm attempting to find 4 First aid kits with what little strength I have, if I manage to heal somebody then I can take some time to learn with firearms. I'm up to 3 at the moment and with the power out i cant seem to find anything, if i were to be attacked at the moment id be completley overpow---*Writing cuts off there*.

July 17, 2007
First Strike

Today was my first strike against a zombie group at an NT building. at first i didn't think i was gonna be such a help but lucky with the help of my trusty pool cue i managed to get in quite a bit of damage. In all I got 30xp and managed to kill my first zombie. After the battle proceeded to rest for the day. Icejedi broke out a game of Yahtzee and then out of nowhere 2 zombies rushed in took Tosca and the others and ripped them apart outside, I woke up at the right time seeing as i was about to get clawed, I rushed over outside to try to help a teammate but he died so i expended the rest of my FAK's on a friend (who is still and getting mauled at the moment)i got bitten and infected so I rushed to the nearest barricaded building and cured my infection ironically it seems to be a Mczed's and the guy offered to go over to the Hospital and bring one FAK, so all good on his part.

July 16, 2007

lesee. Extra pistol. Beer & wine. baseball bat . ammo. Fire axe. Mobile phone. Radio . Shotgun=STILL NOTHING!! man this frustrates me. i have like 20 shells for them and i still cant find one, and yet everyone else is all look at me... i carry 7 shotguns cause i like to pretend im cool grr.. well im carrying out an attack tomorrow so its gonna be my first assault with the group. Hopefully I wont be eaten or turned into a decoy.

July 14, 2007
To stickling mall!

After much discussion with Ghetto Cow, we decided to rush over to Stickling Mall to prepare for the LUE attack (those guys are getting annoying) with the other groups. I headed out over there with haste, but before i go into the mall im gonna stock up on hospital supplies. A PK'er complimented my journalism skills today, it was nice for them to take time out of their busy schedule of assassinating people and escaping the authorities to congratulate folks like me.

July 13, 2007

So today i just spent most of my time looking for weapons at the Police department, i realize i should've been looking for FAK's or something more useful than weapons i wont be able to use, but nonetheless it was important to me. Ive been looking into Ghetto Cow to see if i can finally join in a group, they seem like a delightful bunch, not to mention they're stationed nearby. Rant Begins Here: Now one thing that's really been bothering me, and I know i cant really complain about it (because there's nothing I can do) is the AP system, it doesn't bother me completely i just don't like waiting 24 hours for me to be fully charged. a regular human dosen't need to sleep an entire day to be completely rested (in fact its frowned upon as Laziness!). if i could suggest (though i know it would be turned down) id say to change to 2 AP every half hour/4 every hour so at least it only takes 12 hours of rest and i can actually play twice a day instead of 2 minutes every day. IT'S a great game i just wanna play it more. I'm sure this has been said by alot of people and I know you're tired of hearing it, but i had to get it off my chest.

July 12, 2007
Forced to Hide

Cant say where i am, just ALOT of zombies running around everywhere,I'm trying to lay low... You'd think the group wouldve left by now, but after the massacre at Giddings they just decided to stick around. I found a fire ax today! with all the melee equipment I have I guess I might as well concentrate on hand to hand rather than guns (which I love so much). I think this whole thing is depressing i head down to the fort for a short while and everything goes CRAZY! all the surrounding neighborhoods are obliterated and i have nowhere to run.

July 11, 2007

I cant do much for Giddings Mall if it gets attack, and seeing as I'm no good if I'm dead, I have gone off to see if i can find anything useful. Today luckily i picked up a cell phone so that's good for the moment, also I picked up some new threads! Now i just need to spend sometime working on my hand to hand skills.

July 10, 2007
The Seige

I have made it to Giddings mall and will be hiding out here till things cool down at the fort, if the siege continues ill help out what i can tomorrow! though it looks like things are going towards the zombies.Its been reported that another zombie group is approaching the fort, and that while its pretty even at the moment things could get ugly fast. If the fort goes down the mall will be their next target and that's my current base of operations so here's hoping.. Update: well the fort went down and people are wondering if we'll be next. one person says that we'll be attacked at 9:00.

July 9, 2007
Fort Creedy

Change in plans, i have decided to take a long journey to Fort Creedy to see if i can stock up on ammunitions among other things. ill be resting near the hospital till my energy comes back. best of luck to me!

July 8, 2007

After a long day of searching for equipment in the mall i come out empty handed.I headed up north to the nearest hospital but was in no luck in first aid equipment, but i was lucky enough in finding some spray cans in a local school building. ill be hiding in a club for the night. If i manage to find enough Medical equipment tommorow i shall head to Bale Mall to help with the resistance.

July 7, 2007
Free Running!

Today i decided to head down over to shear bank with my pool cue to see if i could work on my parkour skills. the mall was blocked so I stopped by a firestation to see if i could find any fireaxes or shelter (unfortunately i only found flare guns and dead people). After providing medical assistance and passing out due to exhaustion, the barricade broke down and being the crazy fool that i am i smacked the zombie with the pool cue. This made the zombie mad, so I put my training into action and used my mad parkour skills to jump over to the police station next door. unfortunately the zombie decided to follow along, bashing in the barricade and striking me again. I quickly jumped into the mall where i was greeted by someone who decided to punch me.... then cure my infection. Luckily this time the zombie did not follow, i have discovered that they tend to stay away from large 100 man armed mobs. After obtaining a few items I fell asleep for some deserved rest.