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~ Dentonside ~
~ Houldenbank ~

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55 Attrill Lane a carpark Neale Street Edkins Auto Repair Moorse Cinema Slack Bank Elvins Auto Repair The Sinnott Monument Deny Street The Silcock Building 55
56 Rogers Road Fenwyk Avenue a warehouse The Kingham Building Toller Lane Darnell Square St Irenaeus's Church The Barynes Monument Martine Avenue The Alcock Building 56
57 Durban Library St. Hilary's Church Trechmann Boulevard Cowley Walk The Baylis Building Edmonds Boulevard Wingate Park a cemetery The Bransom Building Tolman Power Station 57
58 Whatmore Lane Studham Row The Wimble Museum a junkyard The Rye Arms The Pape Motel Dorlan Drive a carpark Burges Towers Tolman Power Station 58
59 The Parkinson Building Clear Drive Bidgood Square Gibbs Avenue Capron Way Hood Walk Cowdry Walk Uppill Place Bridgewater Square School The Colbourne Arms 59
60 Trett Bank Hembury Boulevard Railway Station The Pirie Motel Vallis Plaza Fire Station wasteland The Tribe Building The Wellstead Building Elford Lane Potenger Library Hossam Crescent 60
61 Yeandill Way a factory Wharam Towers The Grisewood Monument wasteland Bending Walk Bellhouse Road Hubbard Avenue Newstead Place Drury Auto Repair 61
62 Pettyfer Towers Bowell Boulevard School Ralph Street School Owen Lane Peake Drive Mounty Street a junkyard The Tibbotts Building Richard General Hospital Philips Plaza 62
63 Essell Road a factory Routh Bank Ford Drive a junkyard Blatchly Avenue Bendell Walk Wagstaff Lane Mallett Towers a factory 63
64 Cunliffe Lane a carpark St. Willibrord's Church Caldecott Library The Owsley building Hooker Bank Gummer Bank The Hawarden Building Guppy Boulevard The Hosken Building 64
90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
Repaired Ruined Lit Repaired No update in last 24h Lit Status unknown Status Unknown
Acourt Library EHB Acourt Library VHB Acourt Library HB Acourt Library VSB
Acourt Library QSB Acourt Library Lightly 'caded Acourt Library Loosely 'caded Acourt Library Doors