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60 Trett Bank Hembury Boulevard Railway Station The Pirie Motel Vallis Plaza Fire Station wasteland The Tribe Building The Wellstead Building Elford Lane Potenger Library Hossam Crescent 60
61 Yeandill Way a factory Wharam Towers The Grisewood Monument wasteland Bending Walk Bellhouse Road Hubbard Avenue Newstead Place Drury Auto Repair 61
62 Pettyfer Towers Bowell Boulevard School Ralph Street School Owen Lane Peake Drive Mounty Street a junkyard The Tibbotts Building Richard General Hospital Philips Plaza 62
63 Essell Road a factory Routh Bank Ford Drive a junkyard Blatchly Avenue Bendell Walk Wagstaff Lane Mallett Towers a factory 63
64 Cunliffe Lane a carpark St. Willibrord's Church Caldecott Library The Owsley building Hooker Bank Gummer Bank The Hawarden Building Guppy Boulevard The Hosken Building 64
65 Firminger Alley Ripley Grove a warehouse The Pitney Building The Meacham Motel a factory Solomon Lane Police Department Sellwood Drive Railway Station Waggott Cinema The Greatorex Building 65
66 Shearstone Boulevard The Ramsay Museum Knoyle Walk Hemmings Auto Repair The Kitting Museum a factory Tancock Walk Barens Row Railway Station Gifford Way Marsh Avenue 66
67 a warehouse Lavour Alley a carpark Isgar Square Mace Towers The Ridyard Building The Wrigley Building Organ Avenue The Ogborn Arms The Richard Museum 67
68 St. John's Church The Banks Monument The Frappell Motel St. Maurice's Hospital Hagopian Lane Grey Road Colles Street a warehouse Rabbitts Park a carpark 68
69 Hyde Avenue a cemetery St. Lorenzo's Church a cemetery wasteland Cawley Square The Chicke Building Laurel Drive Parfet Grove Lucius General Hospital 69
90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99