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50 Dalziel Road Blunden Row School wasteland a warehouse Witherington Auto Repair Neal Cinema St Ethelbert's Hospital a factory the Copeland Building Pratley Road Police Dept 50
51 Benson Lane Turpin Road the Greenhow Building Wadham Library Micklewright Plaza Train Plaza Henslowe Park Fernie Grove Chinnock Auto Repair Membry Lane Fire Station 51
52 Hebditch Drive Missen Street Grimshaw Road Police Dept Byshop Avenue Sheppard Walk the Kirkby Building0 Quartly Library Philpotts Towers Cator Drive the Pendell Arms 52
53 the Whale Building Naylor Walk the Truell Museum Piegsa Way Dempsey Grove Police Dept wasteland Guilford Avenue Fire Station0 Maiden Auto Repair Swansborough Park Draper Way 53
54 Vere Cinema Lovebridge Way Joyner Boulevard Police Dept a carpark Napier Plaza Eligius General Hospital Turpin Crescent a carpark the Herbert Building the Wotton Building 54
55 Hunn Avenue the Amis Building Cake Walk a factory the Summer Building Purchas Alley Hildebrand Mall1 Hildebrand Mall5 Gall Lane Vivian Cinema 55
56 a carpark the Sage Building Mayo Row Police Dept wasteland the Wrench Hotel Sloper Row Hildebrand Mall Hildebrand Mall5+ Rawlins Row Police Dept the Gregors Building 56
57 Priscott Grove Dunlap Way the Dafforn Building Gillman Lane Woodland Lane Forward Cinema Drewitt Road Chalderwood Road Railway Station a factory the Kirkland Arms 57
58 Line Street Templeton Boulevard Oatley Drive Lynham Bank Culling Auto Repair Tetley Road a factory St Arnold's Church the Nicks Arms Poultney Street Fire Station 58
59 Brabner Square Alaway Row Mist Cinema Shwalbe Lane Blaimen Square Crooker Bank Keyford Row the Drewe Building0 the Ker Building Rillie Bank 59
60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69