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Who Am I?

I was a member of the U.S. Army, dropped into Malton as part of an international assistance mission. My job was to use classified tech in order to find what was going on and determine if the chaos was a result of an unnamed terror cell suspected to be in the city finally making an attack on the population. Mission went to hell about 5 minutes after we landed, PVT. Snuffy didnt even have time to get his 'chute policed up before a rotter was on him. We had to have wasted almost a mag each before SGT. Ronald popped him with a Mozambique.

Not long after that, we went our separate ways. no mission. No way out. No contact with the outside world. Dark times there. I met up with a woman who everyone called BAM not long after that. Not sure if it was because of her looks or her shooting, maybe both. She took me under her wing and got me in with the Dunell Hills Police Department. From there, things snowballed. You gotta remember, this was 2005. It was a different West. DHPD was over 100 member strong. Hell, you could sleep under the stars in the middle of the Hills. Then, the attacks started, both cultists and zombies. We knew it was a whole new ballgame when Caiger fell, the rotters had figured out how to work their way right past our barricades.

Now? Hell you cant get to the DMZ anymore, much less the Hills. Rotter horde called The Dead control the entire area. Bastards even tried setting up fences in the 'burbs outside of the DMZ, call it the "Buffer Zone." We lost a lot of good officers for good when the Hills fell. But recently? We been waking up. Bodies that were decayed into nothing are pulling themselves together and taking in a big deep breath. I get the feeling there are even some officers who I never thought I would see again in my near future...


I was a member of the first DHPD Bravo squad, a member of both Ghost and Delta Squads, and even a trainer in charge of Omega Squad at one point. I currently am the admin for the DHPD Discord, and am trying to get the DHPD wiki updated and archived where needed. Im not the DHPD Chief, but I do act as a liaison for several groups and I tend to be the most vocal on some matters.

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