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Hey all, I'm Dr Frank. Been playing Urban Dead for a few years. I also play other RPGs such as Kingdom of Loathing and Nexus War, but Urban Dead was first. You can find more details on my character here. Anywho, if you want to contact me head over to my talk page or send me an e-mail. Later.


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Every character Dr Frank has, carries two or more pistols at all times.

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My Character: Dr Frankfurt

My Sandbox: Dr Frank's Sandbox

My Projects: Dr Frank's Projects

My favourite zombie games!

The Last Stand

An unexpected phenomenon is occurring that is causing the dead to come alive and go on a rampage to slaughter the living. Try to survive against the oncoming horde for twenty days and nights. Repair your barricades and search for other survivors and weapons during the day and fend off the undead assault at night. Around 10 weapons in the game including shotgun, AK-47, Uzi and Chainsaw.

The Last Stand 2

The rescue helicopter has crashed, and it is up to you to reach Union City in time for evacuation off the mainland. Go through different locales and try to reach Union City in 40 days. This time you receive different weapons by searching in different buildings of your choice. Try to find survivors and supplies to make it to your next destination in time to be evacuated. Combat has also been altered as zombies sometimes carry weapons that can dismember the defenders through the barricade, and before the defence starts you can place traps in the area around the barricades to ensnare or blow up the zombies. Some new weapons have also been added, like the compound bow and hand grenades.

Zombie Dawn

There's no stopping the zombies that are spreading through town, under the control of an evil overlord. Fortunately, that evil overlord is you! Command your zombies and use vast numbers and sneaky tactics to turn the population into your minions. Travel through the mall, power plant, police precinct and eventually into the white house to gain control over the... city, or whatever.