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Teh Rat0rz

Rat-ah-tat-tat.jpg Here, have a rat!
Lachryma has given Tosca a rat for joining Ghetto Cow and being random. Or something.

I has a rat, and I shall call her Phillip!

Physical Appearance

Gender; Female
Height; 5'1
Body Type; Average
Hair; Red wine, with the under layers a contrasting hot pink
Eyes; Blue. The right eye is darker due to a cataract and slight swelling of the eyeball itself.
Usually wearing; Black tops, a hoodie either black or red, jeans that are just long enough to become ragged from being walked on, black skate shoes or Converses.


Usually a very sly sense of humour, usually with a very smug smile. More of a watcher than a participator until there's a battle, then watch out. Tends to go overboard when forming close friendships, sometimes accused of being a bit too clingy. Can be a bit be maniacal when it comes to zombies. Obsessed with the British. A bit anal about organising stuff and what I'm carrying.

Here's my profile, is fantastic!

Look! An emote!
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