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Urban Dead Characters



James Slimm


Starting class: Scientist
Level: 42
Group: LNTVC
Status: Semi-retired but active
He once ran with a group of mad scientists that called themselves Malpractice. For a time, he protected the City's Emergency Broadcast System along with other members of the group CORAM. Now can be found tending the garden called Malton by culling it's decaying weeds.

In mid-December of 2012, he began a reflection period. he retired from gardening and is touring Malton one last time, checking items off his bucket list.

Starting class: Corpse
Level: 43
Group: Big Bash 4
Status: Active
An experiment gone wrong. He was a used as a beacon for zombie movement. His human creators simply called him RoB. A mess of wires, antennas and rotten brains. Once he gained memories of his past life, he rejected the cyborg implants in his rotten flesh and found a horde to run raids with.
Starting class: Scout
Level: 37
Group: AZDC
Status: Active
Folks call him Jimmy Slimm, and he's a no-good-good-for-nothing son-of-a-bitch. He took a long nap outside the city zoo and folks thought he was out for the long count. Unfortunately for Malton, Jimmy was seen standing up and entering the zoo one day.
Starting class: Civilian
Level: 18
Group: FOD
Status: Active
A haunted looking woman with an insincere smile painted on her face. A fake flower is pinned to her suspenders.

Herr Doktor Faust

Ms Pacman if you're nasty.jpg
Ms. Pacman

Starting class: Fire Fighter
Level: 13
Group: Annus Horribilis/Desu Noto
Status: Idle
In his quest for forbidden and advanced knowledge of material things, this learned gentleman once summoned Mephistopheles the Devil, who offered to serve him for a period of time, at the cost of his soul. He clutches a note of written names. Bound by forces he does not fully comprehend, he hunts the named persons unrelentingly.
Starting class: Fire Fighter
Level: 7
Group: Not Affiliated
Status: Idle
Ms. Pacman if you're nasty!