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I've been around Urban Dead for a while now - Since early 2009, or late 2008. I founded the pro-survivor group Talon Company back in the day, which had the general mission of keeping the Shackleville region safe and secure. We also embarked on various expeditions across Malton, and assisted various suburbs upon request. We had a lot of fun times, particularly in defending Shackleville from the periodic undead hordes that swept Malton. I occasionally broadcast on the frequency 27.70 under my main character.

I also play a number of zombie characters; Friendly Man Stan, Uris Hogan, Austin Brown, amongst others. I suppose most of my attention actually goes towards these fellows; being a survivor was (still is) frustratingly easy, which prompted me to make these characters as a way of leveling the odds in other regions of the map. For better or for worse, I'd prefer it if surviving was a lot more challenging.. With Malton's record-low population scattered across 10,000 blocks, something needs to be done to make the game feel lively. Playing numerous other zombie characters is my way of giving other survivors the experience I wish was still available in Shackleville; holding a suburb against great odds and battling it out for TRPs.

Do note that while I play numerous zombie characters, I strictly avoid zerging. My characters do not interact or cooperate any more than two ferals would on opposite sides of the city.