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Witt Towers, Kinch Heights

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Keep Witt Towers and its general area safe




I don't know if y'all seen the suburb map lately, but Kinch Heights is right in the path of a southern zombie power run! So, instead of 2 fools sitting in the Witt Towers on the border of our beloved suburb, we decided to join a crew together that can help defend the witt towers general area to keep us safe. Hence, Witt Tower Boys. All this went down on October 26th, 2008, but then, on the 28th, we decided to take the step from local to global because if the police station in K-Heights gets ransacked, we're screwed. We didn't want to be selfish either, but that's a different story.



Yellow and Black



Here is where OFFICIALLY we stand on the issue of PKing. We are NOT a PKer group, but shit happends. If someone attacks us or affiliates, we are going to kill them, and most likely their affiliates. If someone or some group disrespects the WTB, Kinch Heights, the Witt Towers, ect.. We are going to kill them, and most likely their affiliates. In the same sense, if someone aids a zombie or a zombie group, we are going to kill them, and most likely their affiliates. So dont label us as PKers, label us as brothers looking out for each other.

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The WTB has PKed 62 people.

Witt Tower Boys News & History Archives

The Witt Tower Boys News & History Archives is where you can find all news and significant events of all previous years.

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