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Abbreviation: WB
Group Numbers: All survivors and biters in Wyke Hills/Woodbury
Leadership: The Governor
Goals: To protect our home, Woodbury
Recruitment Policy: None, but contact The Governor to join the defense team.
Contact: Contact The Governor

Woodbury is an alternate name given to Wyke Hills by The Governor, after claiming the suburb as home. Woodbury also refers to the group itself. The group is made up of any and all survivors and biters who live in Wyke Hills. They are people who generally defend Woodbury from human threats.

Anyone who actively resides or stays in Wyke Hills is a member of Woodbury by default, regardless of what their group affiliation states.

Woodbury Rules

We are currently a zombie group. We are not, however, like most pretentious pro-survivor groups who will judge you on your past. Whatever you have done in the past, stays in the past in our book. We will never judge you.


It is suggested that all of the surrounding buildings and squares (inside and outside) in Wyke Hills be tagged with our special graffiti message: ''Welcome to Woodbury.'' - The Governor. All members are encouraged to search for spray cans and make sure the tagline is sprayed around the entire town.

If every square has our tag, it is suggested to start spraying directions to Woodbury in surrounding towns/suburbs.

Join Woodbury

Anyone can join us, however we do have a special team assembled to defend Woodbury.

If you want to join Woodbury, just come on down and stay in Wyke Hills/Woodbury.

If you feel you have what it takes to defend Woodbury, see The Governor's talk page/email.

Recent News

December 2014

12th December

The Wulves and all of those that have opposed Woodbury have been decimated. The mall remains in the hands of Woodbury. Almost the entire suburb is in shambles.

Distasteful, almost pornographic spraypaint has been seen around the town. This is obviously the work of one or more of Woodbury's enemies. This shows their true colors and takes the phrase "sore loser" to a new level.