Zombie Resistance Movement

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Zombie Resistance Movement
Abbreviation: ZRM
Group Numbers: 20+
Leadership: firebos7
Goals: Elimination of the zombie threat
Recruitment Policy: All, excluding PKers
Contact: Apply through our forum or in game


The Zombie Resistance Movement or Z.R.M. is a Multinational task force composed of mostly Canadian and American Forces. This group was formed by firebos7 who joined the Canadian Military as a Medic and was sent to Malton attached to a Infantry unit. His unit was slowly decimated by the undead. He himself narrowly escaped death during the 2nd Big Bash as part of a Mall Defense Force.

Co-Founder Juan Pablo Sanchez was sent into Dulston as part of a task sent from Mexico City, Mexico. They where part of a special unit put together to serve warrants on Drug Lords. He speaks fluent English and likes burritos. Shortly after arriving in Malton, The incident happened and he was ordered to help survivors get to the convoy that never made it. So he was trapped along with all the survivors. His skills of being able to run fast, jump high fences and be Mexican have helped him stay alive. He unfortunately lost his favorite sombrero one day on a raid. He went as far to have the sombrero tattooed over his heart.

firebos7 and officer Juan Pablo Sanchez sat down one day over a beer and decided to mount a Resistance Movement against the Zed threat and come up with the obvious name of Zombie Resistance Movement. As this is a Multi-National Movement All Members wear a Patch to distinguish themselves from other country members.

The Z.R.M. are an aggresive survivor group. They are known to go out zeddin (Named after crip term crippin) which is the act of helping zeds along in the dieing part of their lives. They try to communicate with each other at all times using a Forum. When not killing zombie Z.R.M. members like to pop wheelies and do burn outs on their motorcycles. They also like to play ZEDK like croquet but with motorcycles crow bars and zed heads.


We here at Z.R.M. are Anti-Zed Pro-Human. We believe in helping all humans excluding PKers. Our safe houses will be open to everyone and anyone (Excluding Said PKers and Zeds).

We do not support random revives.

We ghost ride the whip every Sunday night from 22:00 hours to 02:00 hours.

We have free beer.

We support the sacred ground policy

Load Out

It is recommended that all ZRM carry at least the following at all times:

3 Pistols, 2 Shotguns, 2 FAKs, 1 DNA extractor, 1 revive syringe, 1 Flak Jacket, 1 Case beer

Specialists such as Medics should carry 4 to 6 FAKs. Construction workers should carry 1 toolbox and 1 generator when possible.

Current Operations

With the most recent joint operation between the ZRM and The Enclave a sucess, the ZRM is currently operating out of Miltown.



Chris Redsky



Dumped EF9




Greatest Alive

Henry Gloval



Juan Pablo Sanchez

Kansas City Mac


Magna 750




Officer Hollard


Trigger Mortis

Tyce Navean


Allied Groups

The Enclave

Past Operations'

The Z.R.M. has no current home or frequency. But they are planning to move into Dultson under Operation Squishy Zed. Most of the operation is classified at very secret. Current movements and future movements are classified to Z.R.M. members only.

Operation chill at the crib has been launched. This operation is classed WGAF. This operation consists of guarding our H.Q. the Whitlock Building. If you wish to help us in this operation please bring beer and bullets. Topless women are also accepted.

Operation Rolling Thunder has been initiated. We are currently at the [Classified] Building. Need assistance from any and all survivors. We need a Radio Transmitter and fuel for our gen. Calling ALL Z.R.M. to report to [Classified] ASAP.

The Z.R.M. is currently regrouping and rearming in preparation for a major assault in an attempt to reclaim [Classified]

Currently taking a beating in [Classified]. Regrouping and preparing to continue assault. Please see Juan Pablo Sanchez, firebos7, or MaxDeath to receive classified information for ZRM allies and members only.

Medals (Pending vote I am currently only putting my character "Juan Pablo Sanchez")

Juan Pablo Sanchez:
Combat Infantry Badge
Combat Medic Badge
Purple Hearts x4[color]

(More Medals Pending)

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.