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This petition is closed. You can see the official response from Kevan here. If you enjoy beating a dead horse, feel free to keep signing the petition, but otherwise take what Kevan gave you and run with it.


This petition was created in response to an ongoing problem with graphic in-game descriptions of rape. Kevan presents his official response here, and additionally has since introduced a game change to provide players with the option of ignoring all speech and radio communications by specific players to address this issue.

The petition itself is now closed, but further constructive suggestions for dealing with this problem, and discussion thereof, are welcome on the talk page and will be given serious consideration.

Additionally, there is now an Ignore List with the profiles of documented text-rapists, so those who are concerned about this issue can pre-emptively choose to ignore them. Thank you for your support! - Raharu 17:21 02 December 2006 (GMT)


In recent months text-rape has become a significant issue in Urban Dead (see main discussion thread here). This is not a new problem, but only in the last few months have instances been documented - nine attacks by four characters. Community response has been strong, with a wide variety of players working together to hunt the attackers as frequently as possible. However, this is only a short-term solution, and is particularly ineffective against copycat/attention-seeking attackers.

These actions are repulsive, and we can't let them continue. Text-rapists need to be banned from the game, it's that simple. I'm creating this petition to alert Kevan to our deep concern, and to show him how important this issue is to the community. Hopefully it will be enough encouragement that he will finally take action against these people.

So please read this little message to Kevan and sign it by adding your main character's name to the list. Please spread the word about this petition to any forums you frequent, and announce it in-game as well. Any discussion should go on the talk page.

Official response

I agree that it's a horrible thing to have in a game, but as people have admirably explained on the talk page, banning these characters will have no effect - all they'd need to do is create a new account and continue from where they left off. If I went as far as banning offending IP addresses (which would bring other problems in itself), they'd just have to find a proxy, or momentarily reconnect to their ISP to get a fresh address. And repeat this every time they got banned.

Quite aside from that, asking me to "ban any character who commits an act of sexual assault" is meaningless, requiring impossibly omniscient player observation. A petition to "ban any character who is reported as committing an act" would make more sense, but really you mean "ban any character who is reported, unless that report turns out to be a faked screenshot or entrapment or someone being quoted out of context". Which means permanently storing a lot more game conversation, and having either myself or trusted moderators combing through people's private conversation logs to judge the exact context of their behaviour (which may well be impossible, if the reason for their behaviour lay - or was claimed to lie - in external conversations, or if the in-game dialogue was careful to be as ambiguous as possible).

Some sort of disclaimer on signup might be a good idea, and I should get a TOS sorted out, but "players will be banned for committing sexual assault" couldn't be a realistically-enforced part of those terms, I'm afraid, for a game where creating new characters takes thirty seconds and costs no money. --Kevan 12:55, 22 November 2006 (UTC)


Dear Kevan,

As members of the Urban Dead community we are upset by the sexual assaults taking place in your virtual city of Malton. These acts are not only distasteful, but are criminal, and cannot be tolerated. While we have had some individual success internally policing these criminals, the overall trend isn't nearly as positive, and could ultimately jeopardize the game itself. As such we humbly ask that you ban any character who commits an act of sexual assault from Urban Dead.

Thank you,

Signed (Main character names):


Carrie Cutter

Nicholas Risto

"Get this filth off the game."




Karen Howard


Aiden Hodder

Big Vic



Garrett Fisher

Seamus MacNasty


Moira Branach

Doc Barnard



c138 - "Unacceptable and unexcusable."

Turner Calton - Nasty, sordid and inappropriate.

Ohaeri Jules

Hatchet Job

The Cop - Get this sick stuff outa here!

Papa Roge

Purple Cat

Francis Farmer

Ribald Corello

Thora Rhodan


Jeff Oneil

FmrPFCBob - sick


Mark Williams This behavior is completely and totally unacceptable. Please take some action against these people.


Leutinuet Benjamin



Dr Snow

Agent Heroic

Aquanut its either take action, or risk action against the whole game. You want to see Urban Dead end? or this profane BS end? simple as that.

smellytoes It's a sad day in Malton..

Dead Rush

Nicholas Bashere

Kerry Brown

Accurrent Rape has no place in any game.

BubbaBuoy This type of act is vile and disgusting. It shows the twisted nature of those who would partake in it.

Conndrakamod TDHPD CFT 22:32, 22 November 2006 (UTC)






Ferrum Leo Rape isn't something that should happen-EVER!

Whap Rape is... just... wrong!

Ed Foley

leimana I have been the victim of 2 rapes in game. Banning the characters will have some effect; at least with the higher lvl ones. It will be some sort of deterent. CuIt was my attacker both times, and raped and killed me after I bountied him from the Rouges Gallery . Kevan as I said in my email to you, you are the only one with the power to help us. Maybe you can not fully stop this from happening with out drasticaly changing the game we all love; but you can help make it safer by putting polices in place and some sort of punishment for this act.

Thom Solo - That sort of behavior is thoroughly vile.

nytwolf Indeed, this can never be part of this game

Cult I just saw this today. Even though it is closed. I feel I must sign it. Since it is me he is impersonating. As well as trying to get to. I know who he is, I know his main, I know his account name on other forums. I even know his e-mail, but I have no proof linking him to Cuit. So I won't say for now. But when I do I will release this information.

Luigi Galleani As creator of the Safe Space Pledge, I support this all but defeated endeavor.

Ruar Hey look, a dead horse! Let's beat it! Yeah!

Qwertyu63 Hey look, a dead horse! Let's beat it some more!

-- H. McCliff 16:18, 7 November 2016 (UTC) I think that they should get a should get a choose menu for an amount of time, like zombies who have not got Death Rattle yet.