Cemetery 88,1

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a cemetery

Rhodenbank [88,1]

St Dunstan's Church Nash Park Barlow Avenue
Mallard Towers a cemetery a junkyard
the Floyd Monument a factory Attrell Avenue

Basic Info:

You are standing in a cemetery. The grass between the headstones seems smooth and undisturbed.



A cemetery is an open area with old, yet intricately carved headstones, that once served as the permanent resting place for the deceased residents of the suburb of Rhodenbank. In pre-outbreak times funeral services were held in the neighboring St. Dunstan's Church and then the funeral procession would proceed here for the burial.

Since early-2006 the Rhodenbank Civil Defense Corps has declared that the cemetery will act as an alternate revive point as accorded by the Sacred Ground Policy. While this policy has a jaded history in Malton, the RCDC believe that it does serve as a positive method by which inexperienced survivors will be able to recognize a potential revive point no matter which suburb they are in at the time. That said, revival at this location cannot be guaranteed and undead survivors are more likely to be revived at one of the more closely monitored revive points located at Orome Avenue or the Upshall Monument. This revive point is monitered by the Souless Survivors. During normal zombie-siege-free days you can expect to be revived within the day.

Current Traffic

As of August 23, the Cemetery is functioning very smoothly as a revive point. In fact we are working better than Orome Avenue. We encourage zombie survivors to seek revive here instead of Orome Avenue, it's clogged up enough anyways so head over to the Cemetery just east one block from Mallard Towers for your next revive. N51