Nash Park

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Nash Park

Rhodenbank [88,0]

Border Border Border
St Dunstan's Church Nash Park Barlow Avenue
Mallard Towers a cemetery a junkyard

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.



Nash Park, once considered the most visited park in the Rhodenbank area, featured a small playground and a scenic stone path that meandered through the park grounds. Benches were placed along the path so those wanting to enjoy a walk could take a break every now and then, while those who wanted the exercise would not feel slowed down. When the outbreak occurred, the military used the park grounds as one of several base camps from which to organize the evacuation the surviving population. Today, remnants of the U.S. Army's stay at the park are hard to find, mostly due to efforts of scavenging survivors and destructive zombies who have wandered through the area since then. Souless Survivors work to keep this park clean along with Tikanoff Park.

Current Events

October 20, 2012 Nash Park is host to the first annual Burchell Arms Regulars Camping Trip. It has proven to be a sedate and surprisingly genial affair, with local zeds showing up to enjoy the beers and sausages.