Souless Survivors

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Souless Survivors
SoulessSurvivors oneoone.jpg
Abbreviation: SOULESS
Group Numbers: 8
Leadership: N51
Goals: Protect Mallard Towers and the surrounding survivors in the area
Recruitment Policy: Meet us, Join us, Fight with us, and become Souless.
Contact: Get in touch with N51... He is always in Mallard Towers or the 8 blocks surrounding Mallard Towers during zombie siege-free days

Souless Survivors on patrol in Tikanoff Park.

We are a small group of dedicated survivors who banded together during these chaotic times to defend our homes and our people. To put it simply, we kill zombies and we kill PKers. We do scouting from our towers to locate threats and eliminate them. We keep locals informed about zeds activities, PKer locations, secure safehouses, and more. We have worked with other groups against common threats. We guard our 8 block radius territory around Mallard Towers, our scouts monitor Treweeke Mall for zombie siege and PKers but it's not our top priority. Joining is simple, find our leader N51. He will give you a simple task to complete to prove your reliable and then your in. Currently we use both Saiga 410K-02 and Remington 870 shotguns as our primary weapons, and we use the Colt 1911 and Glock 17 as our main sidearms. We prefer to work within Rhodenbank but also work in Pescodside, Rolt Heights, and Dulston. We are bound to a moral code to only take evil lives. Zombies are walking dead and therefore are unnatural. This is not part of one's natural life cycle, they are alien to ethics, morals and so on. Thus they are oblivious to laws or codes. They must be treated like PKers because of this and must die for that very reason. There's always a Souless Survivors member in Mallard Towers that you can contact for help normally (we don't guarantee that though because shit happens). We try to be spread out around our territories at all times as well. Our Monroeville HQ is at the Shaefer Cinema, though it's more like a rally point than an actual HQ. Anyone interested in joining can head there and meet Darth Rex or head to Mallard Towers and meet N51.

Souless Survivors Seal


N51: MIA

Drake Gills: MIA

Tazmanian23: MIA

Darth Rex: Monroeville Leader

hunter305: MIA

Fransisco Franco: Last Man Standing

zeonscar: MIA

VioletVixen14: MIA

Stay safe and stay souless.

Souless Survivors Seal.gif Souless
This group is the renowned Souless Survivors of Rhodenbank
Mallard Towers.jpg Mallard Towers Defender
This group will defend their home Mallard Towers to the death.
Syringe.jpg Planned Revivification
This user or group supports
organized revivification.
Revive.gif Souless Revive Plan
We revive all who choose to enter the cemetery next door to Mallard Towers, no Pkers or Rotters.