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a cemetery

Dulston [99,2]

Hamerton Road the Trood Building Border
St Barbara's Church a cemetery Border
Nott Auto Repair wasteland Border

Basic Info:

You are standing in a cemetery. The grass between the headstones seems smooth and undisturbed.



A cemetery is an open area with old, yet intricately carved headstones, that once served as the permanent resting place for the deceased residents of the suburb of Dulston. It should be noted that this is the only cemetery in the entire suburb and some consider it as one of three revivification points in Dulston, the others being Duport Avenue (92,4) and Hamerton Road (98,1), but in a mostly unofficial capacity since the first days of the "Malton Incident".

This was a view not shared by the Dulston Alliance which renounced the Sacred Ground Policy on May 19th 2006 when the zombie group, Dead Rain, used this policy against local survivors by hiding their members at the cemetery. The zombies then used the cemetery as a staging ground from which they launched a series of assaults against survivors living in the northeast corner of Dulston. This event resulted in the loss of both the Trood and Beale Buildings. Ever since that dark day the SGP has been considered "not worth a damn". Of course in later years the Alliance changed its policy after abuse of the cemetery appeared to dwindle.

While not unlike the many other cemeteries scattered throughout Malton, this cemetery does have one distinction, if one could call it that. To a select few this cemetery is considered to possibly be the resting place of a holy relic from the Night of the Living Dead, the Blessed Shoe of Barbara. Of course this is pure speculation on so many levels, but for those who believe in the Survivor Saints at St. Barbara's Church the search for the shoe that Barbara lost is a vital one as it cements their beliefs and is obviously a valuable collector's item. Obviously.

And so it was that Barbara, chased by the living dead, did lose her blessed shoe.

These questing survivors hope to one day recover the shoe so it can be enshrined at St. Barbara's Church, but considering the number of uninterred corpses littering the cemetery finding it may be more trouble than it's worth.

In August 2008, survivors associated with the NecroWatch organization were spotted in the cemetery setting up a portable satellite dish on the tallest hill among the gravestones. Cables running from the satellite's base lead back to the Trood Building. From time to time the satellite dish has been known to come alive, scanning the skies for some unknown satellite and humming for several minutes after finding it before going silent once more. The zombies appear to largely ignore this activity, and as such, the satellite dish remains unharmed.

Revive Point

The cemetery should not be considered the best place for zombies wishing to rejoin the human race. The northeast corner of Dulston is a violent area, and zombies have been killed awaiting for revival in the past. Few survivor groups in Dulston support the Sacred Ground Policy adding to the unlikelyhood of being revived while standing here. To make matters worse, the nearest NecroTech facilities (the Trood Building and the Beale Building) operate on an inconsistent schedule. If the situation does not allow for one to shamble over to a more reliable revive point, then a revive is possible at the cemetery, just not very likely.

It should also be mentioned that under no circumstances does the cemetery provide any clinic facilities and is thus not considered to be a clinic. The revivification point serves as a simple triage area where dead survivors can hope to rejoin the living and thus, the battle.

Revived patients are asked to visit Anne General Hospital (96,2) to the west for further, and more immediate, medical attention post-revivification.

Current Events

Nothing to report.