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Almost all actions taken by characters in Urban Dead use Action Points (AP). Movement, attacking, searching, repairing barricades, etc. all require the expenditure of Action Points. Characters receive one new AP every half hour, up to a maximum of 50 points. When a character's AP total falls to zero or less, that character is unable to do anything until at least one AP is restored. This also renders them unable to see the in-game minimap. When this happens, survivors are described as falling asleep, and zombies as being unable to think.

The use of AP puts a limit on the amount of time any player can spend playing and imposes a need for strategic planning. For example, should a survivor be so unlucky as to run out of AP while in an unsecured area, he or she risks attack by zombies while vulnerable. And, while death is less of a problem for zombies, they too are vulnerable to being headshot while at 0 AP. As a result, it is advisable for humans to seek shelter before their AP reach zero.

As characters successfully attack opponents or perform certain other actions, they gain Experience Points (XP). XP can be used to purchase new or improved skills. Survivor characters can learn skills from any of the Character Classes, not just the class they begin with; however, out-of-class skills cost more for some classes. Characters beginning as zombies pay 100 XP for any skill. One can only buy survivor skills whilst alive, and zombie skills whilst dead.

Survivors are able to find and use items such as weapons, ammunition, First Aid Kits and bottles of beer. All survivor classes start with at least one item; more items can be found by searching locations.

Zombies are able to use blunt weapons, but these are always inferior compared to their claws.

If you are a dead survivor wanting to be revived, see Revivification Points.

If you need more help, you may want to look at some Guides.

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