Operation Nordwind

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Operation Nordwind
Conflict Urban Dead
Date 06 April 2006 - 12 May 2006
Place Spicer Hills
Result Important Survivor Victory
Survivors Zombies
Mikhail Vicktor, Pvt Strum, Szift, and others Petrosjko.
100+ 200+

About the Operation

Operation Nordwind was a NecroTech Countermeasure Squad conducted defence of Spicer Hills. The battle's dates were from 06 April - 12 May.

What started as small pockets of zombies turned into a full-blown invasion by the RRF during their Spring Break attack. Many of the groups that defended Spicer acted individually, but eventually they banded together and coordinated their efforts from Club Quier in the south-west sector of the city.

After 7 days of bloody slaughters by both zombie and human forces, the survivor groups brought the numbers of zombies down to a smaller level. Note that this record of events were kept by the NecroTech Countermeasure Squad, so it may seem slightly bias.

Operation Goals

  • To defend the resource buildings in this area of the city
  • Revive fallen survivors
  • Eliminate the zombies that populate the area.

Battle Log

12 May: Operation Nordwind has been declared a success.

8 May: Zombie count down to 20, a breakin at the Tarasius Hospital has occured, forces are working to eliminate it.

3 May: More revives commencing, and the zombie count is 29.

2 May: Pkers loyal to the zombie cause have started to kill some survivors including NTCS members. Beware of a player named Reever. http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=382369 Revives are continuing, and zombies outside of the Veresmith PD are gone.

1 May: Revives are continuing, and all but one of the zombies have been slaughtered by NecroTech Countermeasure Squad members outside of the Veresmith PD. Neotech was revived and awarded the purple heart.

30 April: Zombie count to a new low of 36. Neotech Specialist was killed in the warehouse close to the Veresmith PD. We are in the process of taking it back.

28 April: Break-in at the Veresmith PD. 4+ survivors are killed by an organized group of zombies.

26 April: Zombie count 47. This is the lowest in the past two weeks.

25 April: More revives have been conducted, feral zombies are starting to mass around some resource buildings.

24 April: Resource buildings are continuing to be cleared and rebarricaded. A handful of revives occured today.

23 April: Zombies below the 70 mark. More revives and first aid being conducted along with zombie hunts to destroy rotters.

21 April: Revives of fallen survivors are now commencing, the zombie numbers have hit an all time low since the invasion. S.T.A.R.S. has been assisting in survivor revives.

20 April: The Zombies are meeting stiff resistance from the allied forces in Spicer Hills as they start to reclaim what was once their homes starting from the south-western sector.

13 April: All NTCS members are now deployed on this operation. Fedaykin, U.B.C.S., Bowring Blackwatch, and The Peacekeepers have all allied the NTCS in their quest of ridding Spicer of the zombies. Blackop is annouced, so no new info until seen fit. Zombie marks are hovering a little over 200.

13 April: NTCS member Szift reporting! NT building barricades restored up to QS, two members now revived, preparing for zombie extermination.

12 April: NTCS member Szift has been dispatched to help with the operation, will report on spot as soon in spicer.

11 April: NTCS member Neotech Specialist was killed in a breakin of the Brockliss Building. The 10 inside were either killed or evacuated. This is the first major act of aggression towards the NTCS.

09 April: NTCS member Neotech Specialist has scouted 3 zombies at the cemetary neighboring the Brockliss Building. No breakins of resource buildings yet.

06 April: NTCS member Neotech Specialist has been dispatched to send scouting reports of zombie activity in the area. So far 12 of Spicer's 21 zombies reside in the northern sector of the town, 7 of these very close or outside a vital hostpital and NecroTech building.