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The Forum
The Hub
IRC Chat

Hosted Groups
Cybele's Children
The Flat Earth Society
Malton Mental Hospital
Maris Viridis
Red Rum
Rouge Heart Aces

Hosted Newspaper
The Malton Gazette

General Policies
1. Have a laugh
2. No fools
3. (Recommended) Have a pro-survivor and/or zombie alt.

♥ Neutral Point of View ♠

Originating from the community surrounding Malton's largest Player Killer Group, the Hub has expanded massively as of late. It now hosts several groups and services, including the famed Rogues' Gallery and Misarbitration, and offers a relaxed atmosphere revolving around the survivor war.

♣ End Neutral Point of View ♦

Host your group on the Hub, gaining members and Malton-wide interest!

Hub Details

The Hub is effectively several groups come together to form a forum, and offers a particularly unique viewpoint- that of the third side in Malton. We're not all PKers however, and offer group hosting to any group who aren't arseholes. The Hub community as a whole are relaxed, anti-griefing and anti-zerging. Other than that, our policies vary from group to group- some are decidedly pro-survivor, whilst others are dedicated to hunting and killing every last vestige of life.

As such, our alliances and treaties vary vastly- whilst each group is generally expected not to kill each other, there are no official agreements and member groups are free to act as they wish.

Joining the Hub

Both individuals and groups are free to join the Hub, all mediated through one central forum. As all individual joining requests are dealt with in a central forum, the smaller groups get more interest whilst applications to the larger groups are processed more efficiently- the entire Hub has been created with the ideal of a more efficient, closer community emphasising the ideals of the member groups.

New (and old) groups are free to join and be hosted by the Hub- both stand to gain significantly. Whilst the Hub gains more traffic and forum members, the individual group is host to the interest of much of Malton's meta-gamers, who often contribute helpful advice and occasionally characters. Indeed, one of the fastest ways to grow a group's membership is to host their forums as part of the Hub, on an equal footing with all of the established groups.

Member groups also gain access to the allied forums- the place Malton-wide events such as the Battle Royale and entire suburb destructions are born- and the exclusive Hub metagame tools- such as the Scouter, and profile database, allowing the close tracking of individuals you've never even met.

All in all, the amalgamation of groups into mass forums only serves their interests- all interesting groups are invited to test their mettle against the might of the Hub itself.

Current News

29th July 2007 - Current

Though relatively quiet for the summer, the Hub remains potent.

29th May 2007

The Hub goes live, having laid host to a core of several member groups, and 50+ active players.