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Joined: 2007
Character class: Zombie
Favorite equipment: Radio Transmitter
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Undead
Character group: The Nurglings
Character stats: Nobody cares
Journal: No journal for Freakazoit


Freakazoit appeared in Malton as a zombie in 2007.
The first days tearing flesh of the living, who do not have time to hide in their safehouses.
First resistance is found in Nichols Mall... and admired the resistance of defenders.
Further it became a protector of the Mall in the form of a living.
It was a brutal defense. Very. Defenders will never forget that.
Later, Freakazoit joined the USSR group and in 2009 took a significant part in the liberation attempt on Dulston as a radio operator.
But returned back to Stanbury Village after operation, she turned against her allies.
Then there was a desperate attempt to attack the heart of the zombie possessions - Ridleybank. After an unsuccessful attempt on fighting RRF, went back to the Nichols.
But now as a zombie again... and announced a war against Kilt Store.
Now there is no way to return for living ones. But she is still wearing a bagde. In memory of old times. A "Dub" squad badge of USSR group. And a broken portable radio transmitter that will never be used again.


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