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software engineer
born March, 09, 1982, in a small city from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
lived in Blumenau, SC, home of the second largest Oktoberfest in the World
lived in São Paulo, Brazil
lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands
strong German heritage
speaks Portuguese, English and a lil' bit of Dutch, German, and Spanish
consider self as Taoist
consider self as Chaotic Good


started playing in november, 2005
play as a zombie and as a pker
was part of the Ridleybank Resistance Front Department of Homeland Security
was one of the first members of RedRum
was part of the Yagoton Revivification Clinic before going pker
used to run around with the MOB
was part of every Mall Tour
suggested feeding drag


was part of the WCDZ
a.k.a. People's Commissar Hagnat
has made more than 10 thousands edits to UDWiki (not sure which to say first, 'its over 9000' or 'get a life')
was a system operator from April, 2006 to February, 2009
burned witches
wrote the current Policy Discussion system
created the Suburb DangerMap system
created the Building Informaction Center
created the Suburb Template
created the Malton Chronicles
created the Mall Logos
created the Drama Level template
wrote the Arbitration Guidelines
asked the community to be bold, ignore all rules and stop thinking about the children !