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my toons:


hajen13 : Pro-Survivor / freelance NecroTech Lab Assistant

a bad paper cut : Player Killer / The Flowers of Decay

party boi : Zombie / The Scourge

Dame Death : Death Cultist / Brain Curators, formerly Misanthropia

En Haj : Novelty Toon / The Aquarium


allteeth allthetime : a zombie's zombie

Stuff I don't want to spend 30 minutes finding again!

upload photo: Special:Upload

Big Game Ruin Gallery: Template_talk:ExtremeRepair/Gallery

GreaseMonkey scripts: User:Aichon/Userscripts

zombie alphabet: Zamgrh

collecting: UDWiki:The_Museum_Project

emojies: [1]

Rando: Rando

Target codes (with links to Item and Attack codes): Target_Codes