Brain Curators

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Brain Curators
Brain Curators
Brain collection.jpg
Abbreviation: BC
Group Numbers: Varies with brainz on exhibition
Leadership: The Curators
Goals: To keep the Brain Museum open to all zombies
Recruitment Policy: All zombies interested in brainz and harmanz whose brains deserve to be displayed.
Contact: Talk page or Discord
The Brain Museum

The Brain Curators. Charged with guarding the zombie holy site, the Brain Museum in Rhodenbank, this quasi-religious order take their duty seriously.

The museum has long been a pilgrimage site, even before the ShackNews horde chose it as their final resting place. It’s collection of brainz predates the birth of our species.

Some zombies say “Braanz”, yet other, more profound zombies say that this is evidence of our pre-destiny, that the museum itself is the greatest sign of our fulfilment of prophecy. No one really knows why the museum was built, but we all uphold our solemn duty to maintain it as the Prophet Jorm demanded. An open ruin, available for all to worship and study in.

In order to truly beatify the site, we strive to ensure that the holy ruins are not overshadowed by barricaded buildings.

Many of the brainz have been studied in depth by our organisation, the general consensus is that they all taste great.

It is not enough to maintain this holy site, we must constantly be seeking to add to this collection. Curators regularly go on holy quests to gather Very Important Brainz and bring the bits we haven’t eaten, back to the mazaam to put in our jaaz.

During taste trials, we have discovered many succulent brainz, with exotic flavours. We have noted, with disappointment, that Fortress brainz taste of lumpy school custard, and have vowed not to spend our eternal lives eating disgusting school dinnerz.

Current Brainz on Display as of August 2023
  • A slightly nibbled piece of Benito Mussolini's frontal lobe
  • A random chunk of Chester A. Arthur's Singulate Sulcus
  • An odd orange chunk of Donald Trump’s temporal lobe
  • Half of the Funky Trucker's occipital lobe
  • A rat-eaten chunk of Kwame kilpatrick’s thalamus
Permanently Banned from Museum Entry

Banned for zerging: