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Clock.png Inactive Group
501st Codexians are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 12:50, 1 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

501st Codexians
Abbreviation: 501C
Group Numbers: Nine members
Leadership: User:WildWeasel
Goals: To keep Houldenbank free of PKers and zeds.
Recruitment Policy: Anyone who loves the Halo games or wants to kick zombie ass UNSC style (NB: Must have a pulse)
Contact: Official forum

The '501st Codexians are a roving survivor group who will go wherever we are needed to protect Malton fromplayer killers and zombies. The 501st declares that they will not let their current suburb fall victim to periodical zombie attacks, infestations of player killers or any other zombies/groups whose goals are directly contrary to our own. The 501C does not tolerate player killers or survivor/survivor killings, with the exception of cases where the survivor killed is on the 501C's Hit List or they are a known player killer. The main goal of the 501C is to barricade and keep zombie numbers low in any suburb they call home. Zombies, in our opinion, are nothing more than disgusting, walking meat-targets and will be treated as such (elimination with total predjudice). The 501C is of the opinion by getting enough trigger-happy Halo-lovers together, the undead can be crushed once and for all. Currently the 501C have established a strong presence in an undisclosed location.

The 501st Codexians Hit List

Enemies: The D.H.M.-- Group that randomly began killing us, claiming "purification." After a good 2 weeks of random killing they finally managed to communicate that they were trying to "take back what belongs to them". They claim not to be PKers. We cleared zombies from a building, claimed it as our HQ, hung there. They showed up, killed us. There was no communication or claims to the building involved. I'm sorry, if they aren't PKers, they would have tried diplomacy. If they try to talk, maybe we'll listen. But right now all we see are meatbag corpses wearing human hats, and that just aint right. Known genociders of D.H.M. -Zombeeto -Mictlantacuhtli -Zedeeto


Acherontia Styx--Wanted for murder of a 501C member.

Gkill--Wanted for multiple counts of generator destruction.

Mary Kathryn--Murdered a 501C member

The Enemies List will also serve as a "Eliminate with Extreme Predjudice" list for official 501st members. Everyone on this list are considered no better than the walking corpses and will be treated as such. Members who have been PKed should post on the forum and notify us immediately. The 501st Codexians follow an Eye-For-An-Eye policy. If one of our members is PKed, the PKer is put on the hit list. Once the PKer is killed by a 501C member they are moved down the list until we are sure they are trustworthy again or they commit another offence.


Black Berets


Though not official we also thank Rotters Relief for their valiant efforts with the reviving of troops across the suburb.

Join the 501st Codexians

Anyone can join, as long as they aren't Halo/Codex haters, and will help us achieve our goals.

If you wish to join the 501st, apply here or on the official 501C forum.


Safehouses of EHB, resource buildings at VSB unless a crisis is at hand. Our headquarters in Houldenbank (Solomon Lane Police Department) is to be kept at VSB+2 except in a situation where total lockdown is required.

Current Situation

December 16, 2006: The 501st Codexians, Black Berets, FANNY and Rotter's Relief have succeeded in taking back Houldenbank. In the space of a few months our combined forces have turned a ghost town into an officially safe suburb in another major step for the survivors. Well done teams!

December 1, 2006: We have secured a large area of central Houldenbank, and are holding position there.

November 21, 2006: All teams to rendezvous at the current rally point (see forum). Make sure you are well armed and supplied.

November 17, 2006: Due to the current situation the zombie hordes have forced the team to seperate to different suburbs, despite being small in numbers, all UNSC personel are trained to be very resourceful despite the hellish incidents occuring in the city.

MA5B.jpg UNSC Weaponry
The 501st Codexians only use and support the use of certified UNSC weaponry and ammunition.
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