Alsoop Park

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Alsoop Park

Foulkes Village [1,84]

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Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


Alsoop Park


A wooded park. A playground swing creaks steadily.


Many a melting ice-cream was enjoyed by playful tykes amongst the swings and slides at Alsoop Park [1,84]. A popular Saturday afternoon spot for villagers of the suburb, kids and adults alike often lolled amongst the poplar and pine under a bright Malton sun. Perhaps this is why the people enjoying themselves on that fated day back in [illegible] weren't fully aware of the "situation" that apparently begun in Quarlesbank, reportedly in the vicinity of Pitman Mansion. Although news reports that day carried the basic if fragmented data concerning "egregious-smelling derelicts" who "appeared to be cannibalizing themselves and the entire screaming population", the people in Alsoop Park reportedly went about their day merrily unaware the undead tempest descending from the northern burbs. This blissful ignorance seems to have been short-lived.

Reports (unconfirmed) have it that young Jimmy Jenkins (who had only recently hidden in that same park beneath the "Zoot Shute" slide a copy of Penthouse pinched from his Pa's closet, for which he had great plans to return that very evening and relish beneath the park's wrought-iron lamps) was the first to look up and question no one in particular: "hey, why's that pantless fellow eating that lady's throat?" Jimmy would never get the chance to enjoy that sneaked bit of glossy mag, however ten minutes later he did get the chance to ravenously enjoy the leg of one Mrs. Mayflower, who herself had first attempted to shield Jimmy from a particularly speedy "derelict," but who later found herself an unwilling buffet-spread for no less than five such "derelicts." It was later deduced by a screeching mob of parents that said derelicts were not, in fact, derelicts, but rather paradoxically the "living dead," or perhaps more specifically the "undead."

These days Alsoop Park sits in an almost forgotten corner of southwest Malton, just northeast of the reportedly haunted Whittard Road Fire Station. When the wind blows steady, the creaking of swings can be heard across several blocks. Whether rumor or fact, a few survivors have told of a child-sized zombie lurching about the playground with a strange if unfocused sense of purpose, as if it were looking for something but couldn't remember what.

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