Arbuthnot Park

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Arbuthnot Park

Dunell Hills [03,37]

Ostrehan Towers Godsland Street School The McGarth Building
Newbury Library Arbuthnot Park a factory
a carpark Horn Walk Brendan General Hospital

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.


Arbuthnot Park



Home of the most basketball courts in Dunell Hills, you best bring your game face. There are several games always on at the courts. It is easy to find action. Most of the time things are settled on the court, but there have been a few incidents of violence. After a few gang related shootings a curfew was declared.

These days the competition isn't as fierce, but the games are still played. Of course, instead of hearing a player yell toss me the rock you hear Zah Mah Gr Haman Head, ha ha ha.

Also, if you're looking for swing sets, there aren't any. Well, there Arbuthnot in this park.

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