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Arkham Medical Society
Abbreviation: AMS
Group Numbers: all doctors and scientists in the Arkham borough
Leadership: Zmflavius
Goals: The AMS seeks to provide good medical care to all residents of the Arkham Borough, defined as being the suburbs of Old Arkham, New Arkham, Spicer Hills, Ruddlebank, Lockettside, and Foulkes Village.
Recruitment Policy: leave a message on Zmflavius's talk page
Contact: Zmflavius

Arkham Medical Society Mandate

The Arkham Medical Society seeks the re-establishment and supply of dependable medical care and good public health, of the body or the mind, to all residents, living or dead, of Arkham Borough, defined as the Malton suburbs of Old Arkham, New Arkham, Spicer Hills, Ruddlebank, Lockettside, and Foulkes Village. Fulfillment of the AMS mission requires that all hospitals and support infrastructure be maintained at a level that ensures a constant supply of medicine and medical equipment to AMS staff, and an unimpeded network of distribution. This being so, the AMS shall endeavor to ensure that:

1) Hospitals remain in good repair to permit production of medical supplies, and lit, to provide adequate centers of healing

2) For the speedy dispatch of important notices and public health alerts, and for the maintenance of a stable communication network, an adequate supply of radio transmitters and receivers, spray cans, flare guns, and mobile phones are made available, which requires fire stations and Tompson Mall to remain in good repair.

3) For these walking dead who wish to return to their previous life, proper treatment requires the usage of revivification syringes, and so, the stable and steady provision of syringes is declared to be as essential as the provision of medical supplies. For this reason, the AMS also lays claim to all former Necrotech property in the Borough. However, in keeping with the doctrine patient autonomy, revivification treatment may not be administered to one who does not seek to receive it. Possessing the skill "brain rot," or a message in the profile to similar effect are sufficient indication of refusal of treatment. The AMS will administer revivification to the walking dead at any officially designated revivification points within the Borough. All cemeteries are to be considered revivification points for this purpose.

4) Factories and fuel depots (auto repairs) are likewise maintained to permit the provision of generators and fuel to power the above necessities and ease production of the mentioned goods necessary to maintaining dependable care and public health in the Arkham Borough.

5) In keeping with the above, all of the above buildings, namely, hospitals, fire stations, Necrotech buildings, factories, fuel depots, and Tompson Mall, are declared property of the AMS for the fulfillment of its mandate, and will be maintained at necessary levels.

6) The AMS may maintain and defend other buildings with the territory of the borough as necessary to fulfill its mandate.

The AMS does not seek out combat with the dead or the living, and calls no group or moving being enemy, but members shall defend themselves and the borough to such an extent necessary to ensure the fulfillment of the above mandate, and actively oppose those who interfere unduly with it. The AMS, in seeking amity between living and dead for the fulfillment of its mandate, neither advocates nor opposes the erection of barricades within the Borough, save as determined by the legitimate residents thereof. The AMS does reserve the right to erect barricades in the borough as necessary to preserve its mission. In practice, the AMS does not foresee any need for the provision of barricades in Arkham Borough save at its declared headquarters, Emma General Hospital, for the reason that the hospital remains the principal repository of the AMS archives, and thus, some degree of defence is necessary to preserve the confidentiality of the AMS's patient information.

Society Information

  • Zmflavius is the current chairman of the society and primary contact person.
  • Emma General Hospital in Old Arkham is the headquarters of the AMS. A radio transmitter, powered generator, and suitable level of barricading is to be maintained there at all times.
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