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Clock.png Inactive Group
BLACKOUT are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 07:31, 30 December 2008 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Abbreviation: Blackout
Group Numbers: I never bothered counting.
Leadership: No more Blahtreatment. Now it's Killerwolfbot.
Goals: We bring war to enemies of Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Anyone can join, except PKers, zombie sympathizers, and zombies. Just send me an email.


Based on keeping Dulston a fortress forever, BLACKOUT started out as a small group in Chudleyton. After inviting a few more members into our group, we moved on to Dulston. We planned on moving on to Pescoside, but since Dulston is currently under a zombie infestation, we're gonna to have to stay here for a longer time.

Current members

Blahtreatment - (The previous leader), Numberlock, Wheewheewheet, Abrahamlincon, Killemenow, Peasent, Gray hand, Shopper12345, A Butterfly, Haelzalnut, Number 666, EkkiEkkiPtang, Killerwolfbot - (The un-previous leader), Dan340, Codyzmant, Goth42Long, AhNox, Runandhide, Ratcatcher

~ We are still recruiting new members!! Just send me an email at ~


The group first started out in Chudleyton but we didn't do any zed-busting until we grouped-up at Rhodenbank. After doing some "partial sweeps" on Rhodenbank, we moved on to Dulston. We are still working with the 743.300 group to clear the suburb from zombies and we will soon head downwards to Peppardville. Then, we will meet up with 743.300 again at Dunningwood.

Update Our HQ has been established at the Speak Motel, Dulston. We are using radio frequency 26.36. Contact us if you wish to report a PKer, or need help. Note: 26.36 is the frequency for the Dulston Alliance


14th June

So far in Dulston we've found billions and billions(not really) of survivors outside buildings and on the streets. After healing most of them I tried to find a building that i could actually enter, but nevertheless I also found myself on the streets. Overbarricading is killing people! And it also doesnt make sense to go around Malton barricading everything cuz once you're out you can't get back in. So, please follow the Uniformed Barricade Plan [[1]] If you see any buildings that are not following the UBP, lower or strengethen the barricades to what it should be.

26th June

I noticed that the eastern side of Dulston was heavily zombies infested, and almost every building in the east had its doors wide open. Whats more, is that on the Urban Dead wiki map Dulston is in Red, which means that it has hordes of zombies in numbers of 150+. So tommorow we are going to re-barricade every single building to its correct level and clear out the rotters at revive points.

27th June

Yes, we re-barricaded the buildings,cleared the zeds, and repaired building damage, then after everything was done some time later we heard on the radio that Pegrum Police Department had a break-in. And only a few hours after we barricaded it. So we are going to do the same thing again tommorow. And we'll keep doing it. Now it's just who gives up first.

28th June

Dulston is under attack by RRF, an infamous (to humans) group that has conquered many suburbs and has 900+ members. Our HQ's barricades have been smashed, and the same for almost all the buildings in the north. Survivors are strongly advised to flee to the south and restock ammo and stuff. Stay away from prime targets such as police stations and hospitals. BLACKOUT will do everything in its power to stop the RRF.

1st July

Less and less buildings are having break-ins. Is the RRF retreating?

2nd July

BLACKOUT makes its own revive point specially for members.

3rd July

We send a very willing member into Caffin Library to see who's the Caffin PKer.

5th July

One of our members got PKed by Lucy Dark. The guy in Caffin Library gets killed by a zombie.

6th July

One of our members PK Lucy Dark. The guy in Caffin Library gets killed by a zombie. (A different one.)

We just revived him and are gonna barricade Caffin to EH so the zeds won't smash it down. Then we see who the PKer is.

12th July

Caffin Killer seems to be on holiday. The guy in Caffin Library is getting bored. BLACKOUT gets its 15th member.

14th July

The cold winter seems to be affecting survivors percieved IQ as more and more survivors are found on the streets. (They've gone stupid) The centre of Dulston seems very safe, with not a single zombie within 4 blocks of the Speak Motel.

26th July

I checked the Map of Suburbs and what I saw shocked me. Half the map of Malton is at RED. Dulston is still at Yellow, which is currently the safest suburb in Malton. Tomorrow, BLACKOUT will do a Mass Revival on all zombies in Dulston. But we'll DNA extract them first.(obviously)

31st July

DocOc123 seperated from BLACKOUT to form this new group: SPIDERMAN. Don't ask me about his choice of naming.

6th August

All BLACKOUT members now have ranks, and they can be viewed above in the section entitled Current Members. Also see BLACKOUT ranks. In other words, we have been kicked out from the Speak Motel by a cleaning lady for not paying our room service. She has been dealt with.

12th August

Tomorrow will be our mass-revival day.

19th August

BLACKOUT reaches it's 15th member. Tommorow each BLACKOUT member now has a small area in Dulston to cover and root out any PKers/GKers/Sympathizers in hiding. I'm still working on the map.

21st August

More and more radio spam is clogging up the 26.36 radio channel: 26.36 is he Dulston Alliances frequency, if you wanna broadcast non DA do it on another channel. Also, a few idiots have been broadcasting anti-DvB ( Dead Vs Blue ) spam, confusing everyone into thinking that the DvB are Zergers. We have developed a mathematical formula as shown below:

Idiot Broadcasters = Anti-DvB

Anti-DvB = Anti-DA

Anti-DA = Bad

Bad = KILL

Idiot Broacasters = KILL

Any BLACKOUT members who catch someone broadcasting Anti-DA spam are instructed to report it to me immediatley, together with the characters name and link profile.

31st August

Attention to BLACKOUT members: DNA extract zombies for their profile links. Radio propoganda states that the Big Bash is coming to Dulston. I'm not really trusting anything that comes from the radio anymore, but just to be sure, DNA extract them. If you find any zeds who are in TBB, infrom me via email.

1st September

I have sent an email to all BLACKOUT members regarding the Big Bash. Everyone is strongly advised to adhere to the rules given in order to actually have a slight chance of staying alive when the Big Bash invades Dulston.

6th September

Treeweke Mall still standing strong.

8th October

All BLACKOUT members, check out our new discussion board. I sent everyone the link in an email. And yes, I know, I just realised it. Never knew we had one. Haha.

5th of November

Everything (mostly) going as planned. BLACKOUT continues it's efforts to re-barricade every key building in Ridleybank.


BLACKOUT has it's newest enemy, DORIS.

27th December

Haven't seen many DORIS members around anymore, unless you count the dead ones by the floor over there. If you count those, there are lots.

24th February

This is it. I have retired from BLACKOUT and will no longer be playing. Killerwolfbot is now the new leader. Good luck to all of you.

9th March

Blackout has disbanded.


Ranks have five stages:


(2)Lieutenant General


Lieutenant Colonel




Second Lieutenant

(4)Officer Cadet




Stage 5 members much, really. However, it is very easy to bypass this stage and advance to a higher rank.

Stage 4 members are considered "True Members", and are not just people who joined BLACKOUT and then completely forgot about it. In an event where two people are injured and there are not enough FAKs, these higher ranked members will get the priority. These members are also allowed to edit the "Known PKers/GKers/Sympathizers/Zombie groups" section.

Stage 3 members are considered Middle Ranking Members. In an event where two people are injured and there are not enough FAKs, these higher ranked members will get the priority. These members are also allowed to edit the "Known PKers/GKers/Sympathizers/Zombie groups" and add new..."objective dates" to the "Stuff"section.

Stage 2 members are considered High Ranking Members. In an event where two people are injured and there are not enough FAKs, these higher ranked members will get the priority. These members are allowed to edit everything, but please bear in mind not to submit copyrighted work. They will also get *nearly* immediate revives upon sending a request to the contact address in the group box.

Stage 1 members are all of the above, and can do anything they want. There will only be two Stage 1 members at any time. If, for any reason, Killerwolfbot abandons BLACKOUT or quits Urban Dead, the second General will take over the entire group. If this happens, the second general will be notified by the contact email in the groupbox ONLY. Any message from ANY other source is FAKE. Ohhh, and believe me, that's baaaad. Seriously.

Known PKers

Here's the list of PKers we currently know of and we are still searching for.

Deadlilly(confirmed)KILL ON SIGHT Last seen in Dulston on 7-14-2006.

Lance Link(confirmed)

Alistair Fiend(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston on 8-22-2006. Did I spell that right?

Leon2(confirmed)Last seen in Dulston.

Glenn Mcgrath(executed)

Divine Comedy(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Lucy Dark(executed)

Im(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston on 7-29-2006.

Hum bug4(confirmed)Last seen in Dulston.

SillyLillyPilly(confirmed) NOTE: There's more than one: Go to SillyLillyPilly for more details. Last seen in Dulston on 8-23-2006.

Jason Hatfield(confirmed) Last seen in Rhodenbank on 8-22-2006.

Known GKers/Sympathizers

Lance Link(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Molly Ringworm(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Okarito Brown(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Justin Fested(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Bonerlord(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston. Haven't seen him for a while

Blackfoot(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston on 2-8-2007.

ZS Upsilon(confirmed)KILL ON SIGHT Last seen in Dulston. He's gone I think.

Rollerblader(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston on 7-20-2006.

Holy Frijoles(confirmed Last seen in Dulston on 8-12-2006.

Asylumpatient (executed)

Shambling Michael(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston on 6-24-2006.

Fubar, also known by the names below;

  1. Flubbar the Bouncy" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  2. "Bufu the butt nutt" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  3. "FurBurgler the Monkey!!!" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  4. "Furbar the dead or whingy plonker" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  5. "furbit the tiny" (yesterday)(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  6. "Fartbar the BM" (yesterday)(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  7. "Farbur the 'childish-joke-surname'" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  8. "Fb the stfu." (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  9. "Furbern the self absorbed(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Punchy McSmashFace (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston. He doesn't really count as a GKer or sympathizer, but he's the one spraypainting crap rumours about Dulston Alliance.

Phathom(Executed) Last seen in Dulston 2-11-2007.

He's dead jim(confirmed)Last seen in dulston 2-21-2007

Zombie/PKer groups we are after

Drunken Dead

Squad Zombie - KILL ON SIGHT

The Dead Animals

The End

Number Crunchers I hate you guys


5th of November

On the 5th of November, we will march into Ridleybank and reclaim what is rightfully ours! All survivors are encouraged to participate in the attack, every survivor counts. Remember to stock up on ammo! Spread the word of 5th of November by placing this template on your wiki page: "{{5th of November}}" without the quotes.

The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the villainous undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, we will march on the choked heart of Malton and liberate it anew. Victory will be ours, and with it, vengeance!

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user supports the Sacred Ground Policy.
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