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Abbreviation: SM
Group Numbers: 5 members
Leadership: DocOc123
Goals: Assist BLACKOUT and many other groups that protects Dulston!
Recruitment Policy: No zombies or Pkers, preferred to in the Doctor or Medic class to help revive people!
Contact: mark_typhoon@hotmail.com


We started of as a part of BLACKOUT and now decided to help out a bit more! We aim to create a group full of doctors and medics to help the injured members of BLACKOUT or other groups that protect Dulston!


Group leader: DocOc123 - Healer and reviver. Usually works in The Whitlock Building.

  • Theonthai - Civilian (Learning)
  • marktan123 - All supplies come from this guy! Assist the leader when he is busy.
  • saddamthestupid - Civilian (Learning)
  • bloodisblood - Military. Scouts the area...

Recruitment Policy

For those who wish to join, please contact me at the email in the group box! Rules:

1. Must be level 2 or above.

2. Must keep an abundant supply of FAKs

3. Optional: To have the radio operating skill to broadcast movement of our enemies

4. Optional: Free-running skill to run from enemies in bad situations

5. Optional: Barricading skill to barricade buildings around the areas

6. Optional: Making revivication skill to revive them zombies instead of killing them then they stand up, then you kill them then they stand up and the cycle goes on.

7. Optional: Diagnosis skill to analyze the nearby member of their health.

8. Optional: Radio Operation to broadcast updates for SPIDERMAN.

NOTE: Only members can modify or edit this page.


22nd July 2006

We are now a new group!!! YAY!! Our HQ is at The Gouger Arms, Dulston and we plan to assist the BLACKOUT group which is at the Speak Motel, Dulston. Right now Dulston is in the yellow zone. That means there is still a few zombie groups, we will co-operate with BLACKOUT to send out scouts to scout the area for remaining zombies or survivors.Some zombies are hiding in the north out of range of the Whitlock Building and we will send some scouts there to investigate as soon as possible. All healers to Rolt Heights!! They are still trying to recover from the RRF, some other groups with doctors should be running around to heal them!!!( Just a piece of info)

22nd July 2006

This will probably sound stupid but, leader is dead... and standing to the left of the Speak Motel awaiting anyone to revive...

24th July 2006

Our radio frequecy is the same as The Dulston Alliance and BLACKOUT which is 26.36. Contact us if you wish to report a PKer, or need healing or just some infomation.

25th July 2006

Our scouts have scouted the area and reported to BLACKOUT that there are pockets of ONE zombie around the area of the Speak Motel. If capable, please revive or kill. But killing is only for the EXP. Then, revive them...

27th July 2006

OMG!!!! ZOMBIES HAVE INVADED DOWNE TOWERS!~!!~!~!~!~~!!~ AND ANNE GENERAL HOSPITAL AND ITS SURROUNDINGS ARE ALL INFESTED WITH ZOMBIES!!!!! All necrotechs go to the Whitlock Building to get ready to revive them zombies!!! ARGH!!!! Help.... All DULSTON LOVERS, come save your suburb!!!

28th July 2006

All injured and wanting to be revived please stay outside the Speak Motel or the Gouger Arms.

29th July 2006

Most zombies have been either revived or killed by our fellow protectors. THANK YOU for reviving the leader!! And he decides to change our HQ to Heddington Walk Railway Station since the Barricading plan there is perfect and it is also a good entry point for survivors! It is also near Treweeke Mall if the barricades ever get smashed down. It is also a good mall for supplies! In other news, the leader just visited the map of malton and was terribly shocked till he fainted. (not really) THERE ARE NO MORE GREEN/SAFE ZONES IN MALTON!!! Dulston is still in the yellow/orange but soon the invasion will come... WE ALL MUST BE PREPARED!! Stock up on your FAKs everybody, start looting the malls for better ammunition!!

30th July 2006

PKer Im (suspected) killed our leader and he is now outside HQ awaiting revival.

31th July 2006

Tomorrow (1st August) will be 'come on out and kill/revive day'! Please feel free to revive or kill zombies and the remaining zeds in Dulston.

3rd August 2006

Leader: DocOc123 has moved to The Waish Building which is a NecroTech building to manufacture as mant revivication stringes as possible. He will also monitor the zombies from there using the necronet. We just went to check out the map of malton and it says that the suburb west of Dulston is in the green zone! YAY! Hopes are lifted and we pray that we will pull Dulston to the green zone!

4th August 2006

The leader is dead for the 3rd time!!! I think it's the spray painting... "DocOc123 has sex with the zombies"... those vandals...This group has only been here for a few weeks and this has happen... Zombies and PKers are getting more irritating...

14th August 2006

Leader is revived!! ... this is gonna go on forever... Oh well the zeds killed some of our mates. So, they are outside Heddington Walk Railway Station awaiting revival... Leader moves to Whitlock building which is now safe to manefacture more syinges.

15th August 2006

Leader moves back to Heddington Walk Railway Station since them stupid NecroTech buildings are too dangerous...One minute it's extremely barricaded, another minute it's wide open infested with zombies... Remaining dead mates are all revived!

16th August 2006

Leader dies...AGAIN...I am not putting the whereabouts for our leader anymore! This time it's a guy from Malton Fire Department. Oh well, instead of more zombies. The players are turning to GKing as a entertainment.

17th August 2006

All is peaceful here in Dulston. This is just too clear the confusion: DocOc123 is NOT a PKer!

18th August 2006

Updated PKer, Gker, Sympathizer sections. (All from BLACKOUT page)

3rd September 2006

Sorry for the looong break there. I have forwarded the e-mail the BLACKOUT sent to me to all members. Everyone is strongly advised to follow the instructions and heed the warning to survive the 'Big Bash'...

11th September 2006

Treweeke Mall getting invaded every 10 minutes and the entry points are getting attacked. All entry points are now EB and the survivors who died please stay down unless you wanna kill the 300+ zombies all around Treweeke.

14th September 2006

Treweeke Mall has fallen, all survivors have died and most of the Dulston Alliance have fled. Now all we can do is to wait for the revivors to arrive...

Known PKers

Here's the list of PKers we currently know of and we are still searching for.

Deadlilly(confirmed)KILL ON SIGHT Last seen in Dulston on 7-14-2006.

Lance Link(confirmed)

Alistair Fiend(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston on 8-22-2006. Did I spell that right?

Leon2(confirmed)Last seen in Dulston.

Glenn Mcgrath(executed)

Divine Comedy(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Lucy Dark(executed)

Im(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston on 7-29-2006.

Hum bug4(confirmed)Last seen in Dulston.

SillyLillyPilly(confirmed) NOTE: There's more than one: Go to SillyLillyPilly for more details. Last seen in Dulston on 8-23-2006.

Jason Hatfield(confirmed) Last seen in Rhodenbank on 8-22-2006.

Note: All these are from the BLACKOUT page. (LEADER IS MY FRIEND AND HE LET ME COPY!!) Don't worry!

If you see these people, please post where the suburb you saw them in and the date. If you kill them replace "confirm" with "executed" or "killed"

Known GKers/Sympathizers

Lance Link(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Molly Ringworm(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Okarito Brown(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Justin Fested(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Bonerlord(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston. Haven't seen him for a while

Blackfoot(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

ZS Upsilon(confirmed)KILL ON SIGHT Last seen in Dulston. He's gone I think.

Rollerblader(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston on 7-20-2006.

Holy Frijoles(confirmed Last seen in Dulston on 8-12-2006.

Asylumpatient (executed)

Shambling Michael(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston on 6-24-2006.

Fubar, also known by the names below;

  1. Flubbar the Bouncy" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  2. "Bufu the butt nutt" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  3. "FurBurgler the Monkey!!!" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  4. "Furbar the dead or whingy plonker" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  5. "furbit the tiny" (yesterday)(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  6. "Fartbar the BM" (yesterday)(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  7. "Farbur the 'childish-joke-surname'" (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  8. "Fb the stfu." (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.
  9. "Furbern the self absorbed(confirmed) Last seen in Dulston.

Punchy McSmashFace (confirmed) Last seen in Dulston. He doesn't really count as a GKer or sympathizer, but he's the one spraypainting crap rumours about Dulston Alliance.

Note: All these are from the BLACKOUT page. (LEADER IS MY FRIEND AND HE LET ME COPY!!) Don't worry!

Zombie/Pker groups we are after

Drunken Dead

Squad Zombie KILL ON SIGHT

The Dead Animals

The End

Number Crunchers I hate you guys

Note: All these are from the BLACKOUT page. (LEADER IS MY FRIEND AND HE LET ME COPY!!) Don't worry!

Spider Template

Spider.jpg SPIDERMAN
This group supports/allies SPIDERMAN!! GOOD ON YA!!

If you support our group, put "{{SPIDERMAN}}" without the quotes. This is for the BIG template.

If you support our group but hate the HUGE template, put this instead :

Spiderweb.jpg SPIDERMAN
This group supports/allies SPIDERMAN! GOOD ON YA!

Put "{{SPIDERMANsmall}}" without the quotes. This is for the small template.

5th of November

On the 5th of November, we will march into Ridleybank and reclaim what is rightfully ours! All survivors are encouraged to participate in the attack, every survivor counts. Remember to stock up on FAKS! Spread the word of 5th of November by placing this template on your wiki page: "{{5th of November}}" without the quotes.

The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the villainous undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, we will march on the choked heart of Malton and liberate it anew. Victory will be ours, and with it, vengeance!
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