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Brotherhood of Jesus Christ Carpenter
Abbreviation: BOJCC
Group Numbers: 2
Leadership: One God. One Love. Nothing above.
Goals: Safety for survivors; rest for the Lazarii.
Recruitment Policy: Because monks brew the best beer!
Contact: St. Emilia's Church

The Brotherhood of Jesus Christ Carpenter

The Brotherhood of Jesus Christ Carpenter is an abbey founded on the principles of brewing/drinking good beer, healing the sick, and rebuilding civilization in the wake of the Zombie Outbreak. No person in need shall be turned away. The beer is always free to the faithful.

Who We Are

In the wake of the Outbreak, some fell to their basest wants, some rose above those very same wants that had shackled them in their previous lives. Though we use Jesus Christ as our model for our service to humanity, we believe simply in One God and will accept the faithful of any denomination amongst our ranks. We are a brotherhood of those who have found light in the darkness. We will strive to bring back the balance between Life and Death because, to us, it is the Natural Way.

The Nature of God

Beer spectrum.jpg

Where We Are

We will create a safe haven for all needful travelers in St. Emelia's Church, Crowbank. Just ask for Brother Jackson or Brother Falsestaff.

What We Do

We offer healing, reviving, and drunkifying services to the needful quarantined of Malton. We are in the heart of the battle and feel it is our duty to save our fellow man and preserve what is left of civilization in Malton through the selfless act of carpentry. It is also our belief that every Lazarus should lay back down.

What is a Lazarus?

The blasphemous anti-miracle often referred to as a zombie or zed.


09/13/08 - The undead assault on the church has gone on for days. The front of the church was graffitied "Scratchjackson suck" and the zeds are coming. Brother Jackson is holding down the fort, fighting to keep the cades up.

07/22/08 - The Church is up and running, beer taps installed in the confessionals. Brother Jackson administers curatives. If none of the brothers are present, seek them out one building north in Club Head.

07/15/08 - Club Head - Bar keep Jesse Gorman Welcomes the Brotherhood as Friends. The Brotherhood pledges to help Jesse keep the bar running and the Lambic flowing.

07/11/08 - The Church has been overrun by members of the De-vivification Experts of Malton. Brothers Falsestaff and Jackson fell in the onslaught, but by the grace of a merciful and slightly ironic God, they were resurrected. It is time to exterminate the infection plaguing the church.

07/10/08 - Contacted the United Bar Alliance about membership and requested membership for the BOJCC in the UBA.

07/09/08 - After an unsuccessful attempt to set up our abbey in Ridleybank, we have relocated to the front in Crowbank. Our services, both in healing and inebriated are quite obviously needed here.

Comments to the Brothers

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Brother Jackson, I am restocking and will return! -Torin Falsestaff, 09.23.08

Brother Falsestaff, your aid is much needed! -ScratchJackson, 09.13.08

Brother Jackson, you will rise again!! We will lay them to REST!! -Torin Falsestaff, 07.15.08

Brother Falsestaff, good on ya for surviving the mental traumas of undeadening. Welcome home! -ScratchJackson, 07.10.08

What Do the Brothers have On Tap?

Lambics12.jpg BOJCC
The Brothers are holy on lambic.
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