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Creedy Guerrilla Raiders

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Q: Why are you back at war with the CDF?

  • They RP a (fascist!) military group. And we RP...well...revolutionary resistance fighters. Throw us together in the same suburb, and conflict is inevitable.
  • We still don't approve of their alt policy. (See Section 6 of their handbook). Kevan might be technically OK with allowing two alts in the same group; we aren't.
  • They've been our enemies since Day 1. Call it tradition; I guess even revolutionary rebels have traditions.

Q: Why are you at war with the DEM? Were you just bored, and wanted more stuff to shoot?

  • The DEM is the closest thing to a citywide government in UD. They RP as a governmental organization, and they're the only group that tries to spread themselves (and their preferred style of play) simultaneously over the whole city. We RP a revolutionary guerrilla warfare group. What you should be asking is what many of us did some time ago: "Why isn't the CGR PKing the DEM?"
  • We disagree with the DEM's alt policy (which is one of the ways they've gained such size and influence). It's in large part like our issue with the CDF. Even if your alts are in three different "groups" of the DEM, they're still supporting and furthering the DEM's specific goals and policies. And no other "alliance" advertises as one group, or forces all its members from all its groups through a homogenizing academy.
  • Ok, you got us. Sometimes we really do just like to shoot things dead.

Q: You guys just killed a level 2 newbie recruit! Have you no shame? No honor!?

In all No shame at least. We're sticklers for some things; you'll never see us running around without "Creedy Guerrilla Raiders" in our group tag, for instance. But when it comes new players -- any member of any group we're at war with is fair game. You join a group, you take the heat. Sure, we can shout propaganda at new folks all day long. But combining the shouting with bullets tends to get people's attention a lot faster, and make them think a bit more seriously. It also tends to make them hate us, but we're used to dealing with that.

Q: You window dived on me? Lame.

Did you miss the notice on the front page? Sometimes we window dive. Sometimes we hide. Sometimes we stand in crowded malls and let folks kill us. We try to be efficient and get the job done, and depending on what we're trying to accomplish, all may be valid tactics. We're not in the business to joke around and play cat and mouse with the folks hunting us.

Q: Holy didn't have to cross THAT many lines with your description of that kill!

Well, probably not. But here's the story as it was once told me:

Once upon a time, when Malton was young, PKers tended to be a lot nastier, and a lot less polite and civilized, than they are now. For various reasons, the CGR has more of that heritage left in its bones than most of the other PKer groups in the city do. We don't censor much, and we've got members that can be quite...creative. We'll draw the line at text rape; bring that to our attention. But most anything else is fair game.