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You're here because you want to use a templated signature, aren't you? Yes, the cool ones that update themselves all over the wiki whenever you change them, that most of the experienced users have. This handy guide should help you to figure out what's going on.

Creating your signature

The first order of business is to actually generate the signature that you will sign pages with.

Create a user subpage

Create a user subpage that will hold the code for your signature in the following format: User:YourUserName/sig or some variation thereof, where YourUserName is replaced by, you guessed it, your user name. Preferences vary on what the actual subpage is called.

Adding your signature to the subpage

Once in the subpage, you need to fill it with your actual signature. Remember that this will appear on every page that you sign on from this point on, and other users will judge you for it. Keep in mind that there are policies governing signature usage on this wiki, so keep up to date on what's happening.

The first thing you need is a link to your userpage, through your standard wiki handle. For most people this is their username, but some go by something else. So, the first text on your page should be: YourUserName/Handle

After that, it's essentially up to you, within the limits of good taste and wiki policy. Many people use superscript for subsequent information in their signature with links to other things they consider useful. If you use a templated sig, it's considered good form to include a link to your talk page in the superscripts. For example, if you want to follow common practices and link to your talk page and something you participate in like Project Welcome with the standard abbreviations for them. The next code, on the same line as what you already have would be: T W!

Using your signature

To use your signature on the pages that you sign, you need to change your user preferences, you can find the link in the top right hand corner of the page, or just click here.

On your preferences page, check the box labeled Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link).

Then, add the following line of code to the Nickname field. {{Nosubst|User:YourUserName/Sig}}

Save your preferences, then test your signature somewhere like your own talk page, and if it does what you want, you're good to go. If you want to go further, then read on:

Using superscript (<sup> links here </sup>) for links other than user name is common practice - such as:

[[User:Dux Ducis|Dux Ducis]] <sup>[[User_talk:Dux_Ducis|T]] [[Project Welcome|W!]] [[User:Dux Ducis/Projects|P]] [[Survivor Security Zone|SSZ]]</sup>

Would be:

Dux Ducis T W! P SSZ

Note that links to the page you are on auto bold; Such as Help:Templated Signatures which comes out as Help:Templated Signatures instead of as a link.

Adding Colour

Now it's time to add some colour to your signature (if you want). To do so, we use the color tag:

[[PAGE|<span style="color: COLOR">TEXT</span>]]

Note that you only want to color the text, not the page that is the link, like so:

[[User_Talk:Dux Ducis|<span style="color: SaddleBrown">T</span>]]

So let's apply it to the whole template:

[[User:Dux Ducis|<span style="color: SaddleBrown">Dux Ducis</span>]]<sup> [[User_talk:Dux_Ducis|<span style="color: purple">T</span>]] [[Project Welcome|<span style="color: grey">W!</span>]] [[User:Dux Ducis/Projects|<span style="color: maroon">P</span>]] [[Survivor Security Zone|<span style="color: green">SSZ</span>]]</sup>


Dux Ducis T W! P SSZ

Things not to do

  • Blinking text.
  • Text that is too large and breaks the lines of the page.
  • External links to malicious sites that do things like close the browser, etc.

Want Help?

  • For further guidelines on signatures, go here for the official Urban Dead wiki policy.
  • For help with your signature or anything else, go over to the Project Mentor page and ask for help!
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