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The Holy Order of the Pint was formed after Medic First McGirk received a vision while wandering the halls of Joachim Mall. A voice had spoken to him and provided all the supplies to setup up a safe house. In his beer haze Frist took the vision as mission from god to spread his word, rid the streets of Malton of the vile zombie plague, and have a few pints along the way.

Holy Order of the Pint
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Abbreviation: HOP
Group Numbers: 12+
Leadership: Knights of the Barstool
Goals: Save the City of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Any Humans that want to find salvation through the killing of zombies and a pint or two.
Contact: HOP Forum

Our Mission

First and foremost we are a survivor group. To join, come to the Godson Arms [79,36] and make a request. Your character must play as a human, but if dead get revived as soon as possible. Secondly, we are all here to have fun and add another dynamic to this wonderful game, so don't be disagreeable.

That being said, The Holy Order of the Pint was created to build, maintain and defend safe houses or entry-points for low-level characters all across Malton. Each Congregation will have a member of the Knights of the Bar Stool at its lead.

Holy Order of the Pint
Ud logo hop.jpg Godson Arms is maintained by the congregation
of the

Holy Order of the Pint

Holy Order of the Pint
Holy Site
Ud logo hop.jpg Godson Arms is a holy site
of the
Holy Order of the Pint

Joining the HOP




The Vision

April, 30 2008 Wandering the carnage and destruction of Malton, Prophet Frist McGirk was lost and found security in Joachim Mall. Foraging for supplies in what was left, Frist found himself surrounded by a strange yellow glow. He watched as a power generator, a toolbox, a radio transmitter and a few beers materialized right before his eyes. Before he could even question the alcohol content in his blood a booming voice seemed to echo though the corridors of the looted mall. "Fritz, My son" the voice said. "Aye?!?" Frist replied "Fader dis is no time for a joke". "I'm not your father Frist, but i do have a mission for you." "GAWD?!?!" Frist screamed franticly looking around to find the source of the voice. "If that helps you" said the voice in a belittling manner. Frist nods his head in approval and sits down to rest his weary legs. "Malton has been scheduled for a judgment, which has already begun". "So that's what you're callin' this." as he cracks open one of the beers and takes a swig "What ya want me ta do 'bout it?". "Here is all that you need to build a safe house in my name." Frist looks through the items, and shakes his head. "Find others that are worthy of being a part of your Order, crack open a few beers, and save the citizens of Malton". As the last syllable fades to silence the glow fades and highlights the remaining beer bottles and flickers out of existence. Frist jumps up and screams "GAWD!?!" to nothing but the barren hallways. Kicking at the dirt on the floor he stands there scratching his head trying to figure out what just happened. His eyes begin to grow as if he were a kid in a candy store. "I'S ON A MISSION FROM GAWD!!!" he screamed with his arms raised to the sky. With a gleam in his eyes the Holy Order of the Pint was formed.

The Pilgrimage - Frist's Journal

Alt text
The object of devotion

May, 1 2008 - Penny Heights: Joachim Mall
Woke up still kinda groggy from those pints last night. In order to set off on my pilgrimage I need to get some FAKs to help people along the way. Heading to Odo.

May, 2 2008 - Penny Heights: Odo General Hospital
Finally made it to Odo and found some FAKs before sleep last night, but not enough to head out. Searching continues.

May, 4 2008 - Penny Heights: Odo General Hospital
God has provided me with enough FAKs to head out. Think I'll head north as a few of the survivors here had said a massive zombie horde is approaching from the south.

May, 5 2008 - Houldenbank: Vallis Plaza Fire Station
Tough journey from Odo today. Killed a Zed today, and healed a few stranded survivors. My weary legs screamed with joy at finding shelter at an old fire station that had its lights on. Healed a few survivors that were here, and now it's time to sleep. Got to think about getting more FAKs in the morning.

May, 6 2008 - Starlingtown: St. Alban's Hospital
Made it to a hospital today, had to kill 2 zombies that were attacking a stranded survivor, healed them to take care of there infection, but running out of energy to make it to safety, may god be with them.

May, 7 2008 - Starlingtown: St. Alban's Hospital
Woke up this morning to talk of the church next door coming under siege from a pack of zombies. Went there killed a zed and healed the injured before I had to get back to the hospital for safety. Will return tomorrow.

May, 8 2008 - Starlingtown: St. Holy's Church
Woke up and went to the church, and all the zeds had been cleared and the building secured. Might as well rest up for the next leg of my journey and get some attire that is more fitting for my new role.

May, 9 2008 - Starlingtown: St. Holy's Church
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed I headed out this morning to head west from the church. Came across another survivor being attacked by a zed today, healed them up and with my mighty ax brought the zed down from 50HP to death. With little energy remaining I had to crawl to find safety. All the buildings had been so barricaded that I could not enter, finally found a small building where I could enter and then passed out.

May, 10 2008 - Heytown: the Godson Arms
Opening my eyes this morning I saw the most beautiful sight. I was in a bar, and just above the bar slightly askew was a sign that read The Godson Arms. God was definitely looking out for me last night. This must be where he wants me to begin my work. So I set up my radio and generator, straightened the sign, then cracked open a beer and pour'd a few drops on the bar. The first house of the HOP has been blessed.

Knights of the Bar Stool

Knights of the Bar Stool are members of the Holy Order of the Pint, that have proven their loyalty to the order and have been charged with the mission to spread the Word of the Holy Pint through the streets of Malton.


The Godson Congregation The Godson Arms Heytown [79, 36] 12+

Useful Info

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