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Found a notebook while I was searching for some medical supplies in the hospital. Could be useful. Won't make all the zombies by the fort go away...but it could be useful...


Well, it seems that once again Pitneybank has gone to hell. There seem to be a lot of zombies outside the Necrotech facility, as well as Giddings Mall (why do people care so much about that building anyways? It's not like it's necessary for survival...). I guess I won't be able to go to southern Pitneybank like I wanted to. A shame, since patrolling this northern part all the time gets kind of boring. Maybe next time...

I've gathered enough supplies (Necro syringes...ammo..), so I guess I'll go out and see if I can revive some people/kill some zeds. Not quite sure if I'll try to defend the Necrotech or the Mall..I guess I'll figure that one out when I get there..

Time to get out of this police station before the undead come knocking. Till next time.


So I'm out of ammo and Necrotech syringes now. I spent a good deal of time defending Giddings Mall, and reviving people. It's kind of depressing. When I first started to work on defending the mall, I saw 30ish zombies in the horde outside it...then it grew to 50...and now the radio reports tell me that the southwest corner of the mall is completely overrun. Yeah. Sucks doesn't it?

While I was defending the mall, I seemed to get wounded a lot. I slipped several times while free running from building to building (those ruined buildings always make me do that! It's so easy to lose footing on one of those!). And I didn't have any first aid kits on me. But people always healed me with their own first aid kits, and to these generous people I am very grateful.

So, I'm out of ammo and syringes. Instead of gathering those things again, I'm going a different route this time. I'm in some run-down movie theater in Heytown, and I'm gathering FAKs at the nearby hospital (going to the hospital in Pitneybank is tantamount to suicide, with all the zombies nearby. I can't help people if I'm dead.) When I gather all I can, I'm going to head back to Pitneybank to heal as many people as possible. Seems like a good idea to me. After all; while fighting the undead, it would be folly for us survivors to neglect our health.


God, what the fuck is happening to me. I can't even keep my head straight, my mind feels like it's been tossed into a blender. I'm writing this to keep my thoughts straight. A couple of days ago, I made it back to Pitneybank. I had finished killing some zombies, and was about to hide in a building. However; I lost my footing on the walls of the building I was free-running to, and I slipped and fell. A zombie got me. He bit me on my shoulder. And I'm alive, but I really wish I wasn't, because I'm infected. I know I am. I think my skin's been rotting these past few days. I can't hold down food. And I'm losing control over myself, I've lost control...

date unknown

what the fuck. that's pretty much all I can say right now. what. the. fuck.

date unknown

How long was I among the ranks of the undead? The weather's different from what I remember it being before I was bitten. It's hot. Hot and sticky. It must be the summertime; but it can't be...have I really been gone for that long?

date unknown

I woke up outside. I'm confused as fuck. Obviously that seems strange to me...yet I don't remember where I fell asleep the night before at all. Could I have fallen asleep outside? That seems highly unlikely, considering that would be a stupid thing to do, and I'm not a dumbass. But maybe I could have totally passed out and fallen asleep? Possible, considering I was just revived a couple of days must have been a couple of days ago. Maybe my body's just all fucked up since it just recently stopped being an undead piece of garbage. freaky as waking up outside is...I can't spend too much time stressing over it. I've gathered some ammo, and I still need to gather some more. My uniform's all torn up, but I'm still a soldier. I still have a job to do. I still have to protect the citizens of Malton. And I still need to kill as many of those goddamn zombie bastards as possible.


According to the broadcasts, it's October. Last time I knew what the date was, it was April. Fucking APRIL. That means I was out as a zombie for at least 5 months. And I don't know where I am. I'm not in Pitneybank anymore. My clothes are all torn up and I feel like shit. I look like it too. What bothers me is that I have absolutely no idea what I did (or what happened in Malton) when I was a zombie. Did I kill anyone? Did the infection spread? I don't know, and it's fucking bothering me so much. I need to learn more about the changes Malton has gone through in the time I was out...



Well, I still have no idea where I was on the date of 10/28/12. What I do know is that (if my coordinates are correct) I've made it down to Gibsonton. So I might have been in Rolt Heights. I can only assume at this point. It's been impossible to see more than a couple feet in either direction; there's this thickass fog EVERYWHERE. Which is why I traveled today instead of staying in the same place. With the fog decreasing range of sight for survivors, there's more likely to be lost survivors. And a lost survivor is a potential zombie meal. And that means a potential new zombie on our hands. So, I figured that I'd go to as many places as I could today, and kill all the zombies I could find. More dead zombies = less chance of new zombies. And I did get to kill one, which was good.

Man, it's foggy as fuck.


am currently based in Paynterton for the month. plan on heading back to Pitneybank once I'm done doing these revives, since the BB4 is looming in the distance.

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