Lockettside Defenders

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Lockettside Defenders
Defender Insignia.JPG
Abbreviation: LD
Group Numbers: 5 confirmed members
Leadership: Zigs
Goals: Cleansing Lockettside of repeated PKings offenders
Recruitment Policy: Anyone, but some combat skills might be of use.
Contact: Group talk page, or ldefenders@yahoo.com

Bounty Hunter.gif Bounty Hunter
This User or Group hunts and kills

Who are we?

Basically, we're a small, but soon to grow, sub-group of the
Lockettside Valkyries. We started out in the small, but pleasant,
St. Alexander's Hospital in Lockettside. Notably, the HQ of the
peaceful Lockettside Valkyries. Until they came. The PKers.
Tired of repeated offenses and harassment, we decided enough
was enough. So Zigs decided to change his
profiles' group to the 'Lockettside Defenders,' and pledged to
fight the scourge. A group was born.

Group: Lockettside Valkyries member page[1]

Note: While we are affiliated to the Valkyries, we don't necessarily share their pacifist views.
However, we repsect them and try to avoid killing in the St. Alexander's. All we do is guard them from those who would try to kill the Valkyries.

Our mission!

As has been said, and will be said again, we work to combat the presence
of persistent PKers in the Lockettside region.


We may be few, but we'll grow!

Leader: Zigs1.jpgZigs:

Members: Bastion Hawkins
Oliver Sykes.JPGOliver Sykes

Th warrior.jpgExperimentalCorpse

Ryan Quicksilver

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