Malton Graffiti Bombers

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Malton Graffiti Bombers
Abbreviation: MGB
Group Numbers: 15+
Leadership: Static 1
Goals: To tag on as many blocks as possible
Recruitment Policy: See "To Join" below
Contact: We'll call you

The Malton Graffiti Bombers, often known as MGB were around several years before the zombies and the plague of destruction that fell upon the poor inhabitants of Malton. They are a graffiti crew dedicated to the art and the game that is graffiti.

Started by 'Static 1', the group gained a notorious reputation among other graffiti writers and the Malton Police departments, due to their abundant and large tags, bombs, scrawls and pieces that were spray painted or marked throughout at least half of the suburbs of Malton.

MGB has had to fight for survival, just like everyone else, and they still do. They also still write graffiti with reckless abandon, in an attempt to become the most "up" crew in all the suburbs. -That is their only goal, besides staying alive: To Bomb Bomb Bomb! the suburbs of Malton with their spray paint tags.

Running around the streets spray-painting buildings has taken on a whole new set of risks now. Death by Zombie has replaced the previous consequences of dealing with the police and rival taggers.

We make our home in Gibsonton[1] at the Edge Alley Railway Station[2]

It is unknown to the MGB if there are any other organized Graffiti Crews left in Malton.

We would like to hear about it if there are.

Spray Paint is obviously our favorite item, and there can never be enough.

Billboards are a well spent 10AP.

Tagging dangerous zombie infested areas is believed to earn more respect among graffiti writers.

Recruitment Is Simple

1.-Email Static at [] leave your user name and player URL, although you do not need to receive a reply from me to join.

2.-Add the following profiles to your contacts list, and they will do the same for yours. (we need to be able to spot our comrades so we can help them to stay alive)

The info. below also serves as a roster.

Most recruits are long time homies and so they start their character with MGB in the name, but we welcome anyone interested, with any name, and or tag name.

[3] Static 1 MGB

[4] Fame 1 MGB

[5] Tser

[6] 17Dream

[7] Heros MGB is da clik


[9] Susan Sarandon

[10] Sheltie

[11] DiNcE1 MGB

[12] J Cloud

[13] SiEVE

[14] Sentpope

[15] Abu Ibrahim

[16] Alexander Bullimore

[17] Oncle Shu/FEAR ONE

[18] minced beef face

[19] Skitz MGB

3.-Edit your profile to include the words "Malton Graffiti Bombers", under "Groups:"

4.-You are In!

Member Responsibilities

It doesn't matter wether you are a casual part time player, or a serious addict to Urban Dead:

the object is to have fun,

We don't require that you follow orders or strict rules of play.

We do expect you to:

1.-Keep the crews' name untarnished by not killing other players, destroying generators, radios etc.

2.-Look for spray paint when possible and use it when possible.

3.-Work towards getting the tagging skill. (It doesn't need to be the very next skill you buy, but if you don't want that skill at all, you joined the wrong group.)

4.All tags must include the crew name (full or abbrev.) somewhere. (If you don't want to do that you joined the wrong group.)


We make no apologies for our actions and relentless drive to spray our name as many places as possible. We are, after all, a graffiti crew.

We won't spray over a marked revive point, or an important entry point, or over graffiti that marks another groups headquarters.

We are not zombie sympathizers, nor are we PKers, GKers, RKers etc. & all our members will help out a fellow human in need if we have the resources and AP.

We respect those that respect us.


MDK for tagging their territory a lot Meowdam (our newest "props" recipient, amused static well on his trip through the north border area) GAPZILLA - GAPZILLA (respect due) FIRE A COCONUT (even though that is a sorta lame tag) (we do go over you, but you do get up lot)

News etc.

July 12, 2017

Static had a good battle with a couple people over at Giddings Mall in Pitneybank and the surrounding buildings. "Frank Burns eats Worms" and "the answer to life, the universe, everything" kept going over each other and static and Sentope and Fame 1, who also cruised through the area. Static may be leaving the area, or may keep battling for the spots until death.

June 6, 2017

Hambone Reynolds, we see you up, props.

April, 19, 2017

Several founding members of MGB have returned and are ready to start painting the town (literally) again. They are currently trying to get revived, and/or making their way back to Edge Alley Railway Station for a meet up.

February 4, 2013

KMGB is back on the air, radio dial 26.76, with Skitz acting as evening DJ. We're spinning the best in rap, electronic, reggae, (and whatever Skitz feels like,) from the transmitter at Edge Alley Railway Station.

KMGB Logo 1.jpg

January 6, 2013


A Gibsonton warehouse heaven spot hit by Skitz.

November 9, 2009

After numerous efforts to revive the Malton Graffiti Bombers, Luther Wassczynski leaves the MGB organization on friendly terms.

April 29, 2009

Added a new member, minced beef face. Welcome. Gibsonton under attack.

April 13, 2009

Some loser named Buster Witwicky[20] came to Edge Alley Railway Station[21] and killed Static and Tser. This Buster comes from a group of wanna be thugs called RDD.

March 4, 2009

Spraycan massacre - Luther Wassczynski lights up an entire side of the Buckrell Arms hotel exterior with this massive tag:


March 1, 2009

Luther Wassczynski sets up KMGB on Radio Frequency - 26.76 MHz. Members of the crew starting kicking out jams for the whole city to feel.

February 28, 2009

Luther Wassczynski, an old school roller, joins the MGB.

February 12, 2009

some new enemies. A couple different guys from a group called GENTLEMEN have Pk'd a couple of our guys. Not to be confused with an established group called The Gentlemen, who are not Pk ing. We are gonna get some revenge!

February 8, 2009

Long time since an update, but we are back. In fact we never went anywhere. Heros and Rejek have been rockin shit in Gibsonton and surrounding areas. The rest of the crew is slowly making their way back to the land of the living and also slowly making their way back toward Gibsonton. we are still here, and still rockin shit

February 26, 2008

As Gibsonton gets ravaged, the current status of our base is unknown. Our ranks are growing, and we have a couple new members. Let's get Bombing!

April 26, 2007


Screencap from 4/12/07 This is how we roll!

March 21, 2007

HQ was ransacked a couple more times. Jeez! TSER was inside with less than 10 hp and some Pking human shot him and killed him. He awoke as a zombie to a ransacked HQ with a matching undead inside to boot. That guy is being looked for now, but to little avail. Cades are now back up and area seems slow with Zed activity.

March 17, 2007

With the crew in the suburb, we have been catching major wreck!! The central area has been tagged up!! Unfortunately though our new HQ was ransacked by some unknown zeds and Tser and Heros, the new recruit, but long time homie, were merked. Also a couple members were attempted targets of some PK action when acouple of popshots and a kill were put on us by some human characters. We wont say their names because we dont't remember them, because we don't care. But they are on our contacts lists, and will show up red when encountered. Red means: MERK THIS MUTHAPHUKKA!

March 7, 2007

The MGB has set up a base of operations at the Edge Alley Railway Station in Gibsonton. A generator and radio transmitter were set up. The barricades were already at EHB, and tags were put up ont he inside and outside of the building marking it as Malton Graffiti Bombers Headquarters. Stop by and say hello, and see the beautiful graffiti in the local area.

Some Color Splashed across the ravaged urban environment.

An early tag from Luther Wassczynski - Mgb-wall-01.png



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