Malton Inspirational Channel

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Malton Inspirational Channel
Malton inspirational1.png
Abbreviation: =MIC=
Group Numbers: Open to all
Leadership: Finn the Fox (Status: Active)
Goals: To spread inspiration to the citizens of Malton
Recruitment Policy: Just leave your name in the Cause part of this page
Contact: Finn the Fox is available through pm and is often reachable in game by mobile phone or by transmitting on the =MIC= frequency

Not to be confused with the Mall Information Center, which is also abbreviated MIC.

The Malton Inspirational Channel, currently based out of St. Mark's Cathedral in Spicer Hills, is a pro-survivor group whose mission it is to fight the invading zombie horde by broadcasting continuous, morale-boosting inspirational messages to the citizens of Malton. However, the =MIC= is also not adverse to inspirationally inserting a morale-boosting fire-axe into attacking zombies, from time to time.

Malton inspirational2.png Malton Inspirational Channel
Because it's nice to hear something more friendly than screaming zombies, from time to time.
DontPanic.png The Hitchhiker's Guide To Malton
Reminding Malton survivors of the most reassuring words they're likely to hear all day: Don't Panic
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
The Malton Inspirational Channel broadcasts on a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.55 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: Many, but official base of operations at (27,99)

How to Join in the Cause of the =MIC=

Joining the =MIC='s cause is quite simple, and can be completed in a few simple steps:

1.) Set up a transmitter

     -Must be tuned to 28.55
     -Preferably in a secure location

2.) Broadcast

     -Broadcasts should be of a positive/up-lifting nature only
     -Broadcasts MAY be of a religious nature, so long as they DO NOT HARASS other religious affiliations in ANY WAY.
     -Broadcasts MAY NOT contain any material that is considered racist, sexist, sexualy explicit, offensive, or prejudiced in
           any way. Any broadcasts of this nature are neither official nor condoned by the =MIC= as a whole, regardless of any
           claimed affiliation.
     -Broadcasts are encouraged to be regular and dependable
     -Though our channel is not meant to be an alert or warning channel, it may be used as such if emergency conditions require

3.) Defend your position

     -Broadcasting locations are to be kept at the maximum convenient barricade level
     -Attacking zombies are to be killed on sight
     -Humans ARE NOT to be killed, even if they are attacking. ALWAYS retreat from a location rather than engage in PKing.
     -Dead bodies should be removed as soon as possible
     -Members of the =MIC= are encouraged to help defend the area surrounding broadcast locations

4.) Spread the word

     -Graffiti should be spread liberally on the outsides of buildings advertising our station, 28.55FM
           -DO NOT mark over important notices, such as revive points, etc.
           -Exercise more discretion when putting graffiti on the insides of buildings, as existing messages may be important
     -Tell your friends
     -Tell random people you meet
     -Broadcast advertisements on other stations while there is no other activity on them
     -Use our sweet banner (above) in your Urban Dead Wiki profile
     -Be sure to put Malton Inspirational Channel in the survivor-groups section of your suburb's wiki-page

5.) Have fun!

     -Work as teams to operate and defend broadcast locations!
     -Be creative! Figure out new ways to make the Malton Inspirational Channel even more awesome!

The Cause

Please place your name, suburb, and transmitter coordinates here (link to building optional) if you wish to join the Malton Inspirational Channel's cause:

1.) Finn the Fox - Williamsville (30,97)

2.)joeded boi - spicer hills

3.)Dr.Xela Sinclair - East Grayside -Frederick Bank ...

4.)bob the buyer - spicer hills