Malton Sticks Hockey Club

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Malton Sticks Hockey Club

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Malton's minor league hockey team was just starting to get the franchise turned around for the upcoming hockey season after years of rebuilding the team. But then the obvious crisis we now face has put the team's operation on hiatus

History 1935 - 1965

With their inception in 1935, The Sticks were originally owned by the famous Curton Family. It is believed the Sticks got there nickname from the 1800's Chancelwood festival Whacking Day, where residents would drive the numerous snake population from the area with large sticks. Up until 1965, the Sticks played in the United League, and won 7 Calder Cups in that era.

Pre-Modern Era 1965 - 1985

For the next 20 years, the Sticks played in the Federal League. Significantly, the Sticks became a farm team for the Canucks in 1970.

Sticks logo 1970 to 85

Their longtime rivarly with the Chiefs made for some memorable moments. The Sticks captured the Federal League title in 1981.

Pre-Outbreak Era 1985 - 2005

Malton Sticks Hockey Club Logo.GIF Rodges arena.jpg

The last two decades have been less than forgetable. The franchise had many losing seasons and was constantly in rebuilding phases, only to trade off rookie talent for cash or washed up veterns. In 2002 the new Rodges Arena was built.

In 2005, former Chief player Moe Wanchuk was hired as coach and GM. Fans and media were abuzz, because he could turn the team around. Sadly this zombie problem has put the potential on hold, as well as Moe's current whearabouts are unknown.

Moe Wanchuk with the Chiefs 1974

Team Leaders

Name Position GP Goals Assists Points PIM
Jason 'Deadman' Dakota Left Wing 372 230 275 505 763
Roger 'Red' Moore Defense 275 117 380 497 1075
Steve 'The Animal' Sinisalo Center 740 410 56 466 134
Chuck 'One Shot' Reid Right Wing 328 127 315 442 291
Andrew 'Cowboy' Cabana Left Wing 53i 228 182 410 593
Cameron 'The Wrecking Ball' Dowd Defense 724 124 258 382 353
Chuck 'The Hammer' Potulny Defense 242 120 234 354 281
Eric 'The E-train' Dopita Center 642 230 112 342 228

Post Outbreak Hockey News

Not much has happened since the outbreak, but rumors are swirling that the team is reuniting for one last game. The interesting part of it is that the goalie is a zombie, and their star center lost four fingers to a zombie. This should make for an interesting game to say the least.