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We're just your typical band of survivors. We found ourselves amidst a zombie apocalypse and decided to fight back. We have spent time most notably in Grigg Heights and have taken part in such events as defending Caiger Mall on several occasions. Although all of the original members, aside from the founder, have left the game, the group carries on hoping to rebuild and reclaim its former glory.

TechCom is dedicated to protecting survivors, be it from zombies or PKers. Our policy is to revive and heal as much as possible. Not only for our own, but for survivors. We don't hesitate to get blood (or lackthereof) on our hands.

Currently, the Coram Building, home of the emergency broadcast system has been destroyed and held by several zombies. TechCom is trying to gain enough members to retake and defend the building. Sign up today and reclaim what is ours!

To join, post on our forum which is found on our Wiki page.

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