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Group Membership

Any one person is only allowed to have one character in the Abandoned. All active members are listed below. Inactive members aren't listed here, but are welcome to go to the forums and re-activate their account:

Member *Level* Member *Level*
Current Group Members
Aaronkd201989 *25* Rohndogg1 *Maxed Out*
Eagle of Fire *Maxed Out* swoop8 *Maxed Out*
Macampos *28* Wileysez *42*
Stiff Kittens *Maxed Out*
Probationary Members
Maxiez *18* None *N/A*

Further, there are many characters which have, at some point in our past, graced our ranks but have subsequently either fallen to the horde or moved on to new pastures
Please note that Maxed Out is currently level 43 and will be amended when new skills are added

Members who failed to report in, and are counted as inactive can have their account reactivated by contacting the group administrators on the forum. The levels shown in this member list are updated about once every month, they give a general indication, but may not be totally accurate.
Updated --Stiff Kittens 18:15, 31 August 2014 (UTC)

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