The Appelby Building

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The Appelby Building
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the Appelby Building

Danversbank [70, 96]

Gall General Hospital
Winslade Road Daley Way
Twitt Place
the Appelby Building the Cowie Building
Barnes Cinema
wasteland Ruddle Cinema

Basic Info:

The Appelby Building


The gloomy corridors of the Appelby Building. Survivors spend their nights sleeping in the North wing, but the rest of the building, much of it sealed off or simply unexplored, remain clinging to the place's many unsolved mysteries.


The Appelby Building was built by Malton businessman Gromley Appelby in 1925. It was used first as the main offices for his delivery firm, but closed after Appelby declared bankruptcy in 1929, just four years after he had built the building to house his offices. Appelby was said to still inhabit the building, having no other home, for years afterwards.

In 1967, the building was opened again, this time as the headquarters of a private security firm, NorthOps Incorporated. Mysterious changes in the electricity, hollow tapping sounds from inside the walls, and bloodstains which never go away, however, soon led to part of Appelby being closed. The building was abandoned again about a year later after several unidentified employees of NorthOps, all of them in secretarial positions at the company's offices, committed suicide there by throwing themselves off the thirteenth floor.

NorthOps continued to own the structure until the Zombie outbreak of 2005. NorthOps security contractors, hired to help police the impossibly chaotic streets and protect civilians from the growing zombie threat, soon retreated to Appelby and helped use the building's roof as an evacuation point of many citizens by helicopter. However, seven days after their attempts began, the NorthOps employees were overrun by a horde of nearly fifty zombies, despite retaliating with heavy firepower.

The Appelby Building was home to many of Malton's down-and-outs trying to survive the Zombie apocalypse. At last, however, it's dark, uninviting, interior, reports of vanishing ghosts, and ugly vermin drove them out and the structure fell into ruin.

More recently, it has been restored several times by Survivors. Although sometimes portable generators provide a bit of light, most of its rooms remain boarded up and unexplored. Occasionally, even the portable generators flicker without explanation, and Appelby's very foundation seems to quake. Even stranger, reports continue to persist of blood seeping through the walls on cold, rainy, nights. Blood that vanishes a few moments later, followed by hollow tapping sounds from inside the walls, from the very bowels of the old building.

Barricade Policy

According to the Provisional Danversbank Barricade Plan, this building should be kept at Extremely Heavily Barricaded (EHB) at all times.

Current Status