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The Aquarium
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the Aquarium

Ketchelbank [43,33]

City Zoo City Zoo the Giraffe House
City Zoo the Aquarium City Zoo
Edson Bank a warehouse wasteland

Basic Info:

  • Malton's City Zoo contains several enclosures, which can be barricaded and used as safehouses.
  • The Reptile House and Aquarium are buildings without doors.
  • The Lion Enclosure, Bear Pit, Giraffe House, and Elephant House have wire fences that work the same as Junkyards.
  • Empty "City Zoo" blocks are open land and cannot be barricaded.
  • None of the enclosures can be ransacked or hence ruined.

External Description: You are standing outside the Aquarium, a low blue-painted building.

Internal Description: You are inside the Aquarium. There is no sign of its former inhabitants.

The Malton City Aquarium. "You are standing outside the Aquarium, a low blue-painted building."


After the Great Fire of 1912, the population of Malton was left dispirited and in dire need of entertaining distractions. Philanthropist and part-time burlesque dancer, Lady Rielle Huntington came to the city's rescue. Using blackmail funds and tips she collected from her liaisons with millionaire exotic pornography connoisseur Lord Peter Alner, Lady Huntington commissioned construction work to begin on the Aquarium in the Fall of 1913 and in 1915 the Malton City Aquarium opened its doors to the grateful Malton public.

Before the Outbreak, the Aquarium at the Malton City Zoo was a beloved institution in the city of Malton. Every day of the week, the families and school children of Malton could be found inside learning about undersea life. Visits from famous animals such as Shamu and Free Willy were common, and plans were in the works to add a permanent Manatee exhibit and rehabilitation center.

When the Outbreak became more dire, all marine animals within the aquarium were evacuated out of the city to safety. Those who could not be evacuated fled on their own into the surrounding suburbs. How they managed to escape without feet or water is still unclear.

Current Use

No known use at the moment. This part of the zoo was once used as a zombie safe-zone, where Malton's undead residents could visit and enjoy the zoo without being killed or combat-revived and humans could interact with zombies without being eaten.

The ransacked remains of the aquarium dolphin tank. Now used as a zombie cybercafe and skate park.

Barricade Policy

The Malton Zookeepers ask that visitors do not barricade the Aquarium at all. This allows the local zombies to move in and out at their discretion, and also insures that the local survivors have a reliable entry point on the zoo grounds. Furthermore, a strict No Killing / No Reviving policy is in effect for humans who visit the Aquarium.

Animal Update


It appears that someone has dumped their pet shark into the Aquarium's petting pool at the zoo. Visitors are reminded that emergency services no longer exist and therefore pet the exhibits at their own risk.

Have you seen an animal wandering the city of Malton? Report it at the Zoo Website and the Zookeepers will do their best to relocate the poor creature to its proper home.

Thinkingmonkey.jpg Friend Of The Zoo
The Thinking Monkey brings luck to friends of the Malton City Zoo!

The Aquarium is a part of the Malton City Zoo.

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