The Bibby Monument

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the Bibby Monument

Richmond Hills [38, 31]

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a junkyard the Bibby Monument Wadds Walk
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Basic Info:

  • A monument is a city block containing a statue or similar piece of public art, without a building in it. It is functionally equivalent to a street, except that players with the Tagging skill can gain 2 XP for writing graffiti on a monument.
  • This is, game-play wise, an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.
  • After the July 3, 2009 update, some monuments became tall and can be seen from a distance with binoculars


Humans and zombies alike will see the following (permanent) description when standing in front of the monument:

"You are at the Bibby Monument, a granite statue of a man with a book surrounded by grass."

The man pictured is a representation of Aldo "the Badger" Grifflik in his dress uniform and fabled flight jacket. The great flying ace of WWII, and the most famous Maltonian to serve in the war, the book is titled "Not in Vain", and he holds it out to the visitor with a plaintiff look on his face. The pedestal is inset with bronze etchings of pages from the book, listing every Maltonian who served in the war, and detailing facts about them where available. Those killed in action are listed first.

Aldo "the Badger" Grifflik's entry has him been credited with 37 confirmed kills, three additional likely, and notes that he was killed in action towards the end of the conflict, and received the nation's highest honor posthumously.


The statue was commissioned by the city of Malton from Hans Bibby, internationally noted sculptor and stonemason who made his home in Malton for a brief period in the 1960's. The statue was unveiled with great pomp and circumstance on June 2nd, 1964, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of D-Day. The initial reaction to the statue was mixed - the city council and local leaders felt it was too symbolic, and the choice of Aldo Grifflik was somewhat controversial, for though he had made his home in Malton for a decade before the conflict, he was not Maltonian born. The bronze pages around the base were added in 1968 to make the statue more practical and understandable to the public.

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