The Browne Family

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Browne Family History

Early records of the Browne Family are scarse, and little is known as to why the naming of the Browne Building in Edgecombe is linked to this family. What is known is that Duncan Browne, once a high-ranking Police Officer, was the only living direct decendant from this old Malton family, where he lived with his wife and 3 grandchildren.

Duncan Browne

Soon after the outbreak of the zombie infection Duncan was seperated from his family, only to return to their household to find four dismembered bodies that used to be his family. After this terrible incident Duncan reverted to his old monniker Electric Wizard and became a cop once again.


What is written here is only known through many discussions in Pubs and hidden human strongholds, and there are many rumours about the Wizard, The Browne Family, and their connection to Willum J. Kersley and the founding of NecroTech.


The Wizard has appeared around the north east of Malton.

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