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Over the centuries The Cleave Family have been known by many names as their various members have moved about the region, and particularly in the 17th century been known for their shady dealings. Malton is dotted with buildings and streets relating to this lesser-known family.

The Cleave Family

The Cleave Family, it is suggested gets its name from the cliffs of Scotland where their ancestors were scavengers and salvagers of wrecks along the shores. The Cleave Family moved to Malton in the 16th Century, and quickly established a row of homes along what is now known as Cleave Street in Gibsonton.

By the mid-16th century, the Cleave Family had become more prosperous from their beginnings as ship salvagers and expanded into the hospitality industry, opening The Cleaves Arms in Hollomstown.

The Cleeves Family

Through the caprice of spelling reform a branch of the original Cleave family that had settled in Roywood were renamed The Cleeve Family and their homes gave name to Cleeves Way.

The Clevely Family

An older brother of the Cleeve family, Barthamous Cleeve became involved in growing prositution in the seedier part of Malton and was disowned, yet came into a large sum of money from an anonymous benefactor, which he turned with great business sense into a fortune, although recent family historians have discovered stemmed from the slave trade and privateering of both English and foreign ships. Because this knowledge was not made public until the mid-1970's, Lockettside's Clevely Grove Railway Station and Wray Heights' Clevely Way. It was discovered recently that Barthamous Clevely had a rather debauched sense of right and wrong, with a house of horrors hidden behind the walls of his homes on Clevely Way and on Cleverly Lane.

The Cleverly Family

Spelling again changed the name, but is still to be attributed to Barthamous Cleeve or Clevely, and Grigg Heights' Cleverly Lane was the location of another of Barthamous' famous (or infamous) abodes.

The Clive Family

Most recently, from the 18th Century, William Harold Clive, descendent of Barthamous Clevely built his own family's fortune, and his business interests in banking served to construct the then impressive Clive Building of Wyke Hills, and the Clive Bank and Loan funded the construction (and later repossessed) Clive Auto Repair in Osmondville.

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