The Curtice Arms

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The Curtice Arms
Last Update August 2021
Zashiya (talk) 03:35, 27 April 2023 (UTC)
the Curtice Arms

Buttonville [46, 91]

the Barret Hotel Welsher Square the Fort Building
Chittenden Row the Curtice Arms Northup Avenue Railway Station
Rosenhagen Plaza Tarring Place Ranson Boulevard Police Department

Basic Info:

  • Pubs have no internal descriptions, apart from " abandoned pub."
  • Arms can be barricaded normally.


Bt arms.gif

The Curtis Arms was one of the best Real Ale pubs in Malton and thanks to it's extensive store and dedicated team of staff it still is. If you are looking for a pub where grown ups can enjoy drinking & eating out, then why not give us a try? The Curtis Arms is especially popular for our selection of Cask Ales which you can try before you buy. We are extremely proud of our excellent range of affordable wines which complement a Pub Food Menu packed with freshly prepared, traditional pub favorites. 'Freshly prepared' refers to the fact that the food is removed from the freezer and microwaved shortly before serving. The Randoms hospitality Industry can not be held responsible for illness resulting from consumption of food served at The Curtis Arms.

Current Events/Status

  • March 26, 2010

Extremely heavily barricaded with a transmitter and powered-down (i.e. out of fuel) generator - Zig13 - 26/03/2010 at 15:07(BST)

  • February 26, 2010

Extremely Heavily Barricaded with a fuelled generator and a transmitter - Zig13 - 26/02/2010 at 15:36(BST)

  • December 20, 2009

EHB generator without fuel and transmitter. No zombies outside 4 ppl inside.--Red Geep Driver 04:02, 21 December 2009 (UTC)

  • October 15, 2009

Extremely Heavily Barricaded with a fueled generator but no transmitter. There are no zombies outside and only me inside - Zig13 - 15/10/2009 at 08:03(BST)

  • September 1, 2009

EHB but lacking a generator and transmitter - Zig13 - 1/09/2009 at 09:10(BST)

  • August 21, 2009

EHB and powered with transmitter - Zig13 - 21/08/2009 at 15:24(BST)

History/Special Events

Nothing interesting...

Barricade Policy

EHB see Buttonville Barricade Plan. Ranson PD (1E) can be used as a entry point

Transmitter Information

know what you are talking about Transmitter Information
The radio transmitter at this location is kept at this radio frequency:

Frequency: 26.84 MHz (Buttonville Standard)

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